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I’ve been listening to the news and watching what’s going on in the wider world with interest which is more than I normally do.  Normally I don’t listen to the news because as I’ve got older, I’ve found myself becoming one of those people who shout at the TV or tell the presenter they’re stupid and don’t know what they’re talking about; perhaps I do it because I know that I’m safe from being overheard and having my own opinions challenged, but then that’s a whole other story ….!

Anyway, as I was saying, I’ve actually been listening with interest because what’s caught my attention is just how inept most politicians are at covering their tracks.  What do I mean, well it was only twelve months ago that we had a Labour Government who were just waiting for the moment they were ousted from power because of the various financial mis-managements that they had caused.  And here we are, twelve months hearing them bleating on about how terrible the cuts are and that they wouldn’t do it if they were in power.  Well I’m sorry, but has the entire nation forgotten their legacy already … get over it, the cuts are necessary, we shouldn’t be spending as much as we do and there are some harsh decisions to be made.

We all have to make decisions in life and guess what, we all have to take responsibility for them whether we like it or not.  The time for blaming ‘them’ or ‘you’ is over.

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  1. I think that you need a bit of Fleetwood Mac in your life…..good tunes. And they are……,if I say would it get me into trouble?xx