Questions of reality

What is reality? what a big question! I first encountered this world view many years ago when I was a student of Theology at Manchester University in one of my Philosophy of Religion classes. It has bugged me ever since and I have been trying to make sense of it and how it applies to my world for what seems like forever.

I often try to explain what I mean by using a statement like “why is that thing over there a table? it could just as well be a chair or a hare, but it’s a table because we’ve been told it’s a table, so our reality becomes that the thing with four legs and flat top (often wooden) that we sit at to eat at is a ‘table'”.

See what I mean, big questions?

I have lots of other ‘big questions’ that I’m trying to grapple with at the moment (well for the past ten years actually and I’m not sure I’m any closer to any answer, but I am a hell of alot more confused!), such as why I am here, now, living the life I am living; and what are my opinions on all the things that seem to matter – can I even have an opinion if I only ever know what I am being told by one or source or another? Is it possible to have a truly impartial thought? And is it really OK to be just me?

Do join me on my quest for enlightenment and information (I am an information professional after all). Love and hugs, Linda xx

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