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Programming your IPS – inner positioning system

We all have a perfect internal compass, one that consistently and accurately guides us in the right direction as we navigate this journey called ‘Life’. I like to think of mine as my IPS (I work in IT so acronyms are a by-product of the way I think :-)), also known as my Inner Positioning System.

It’s a bit like the GPS (there we go with the acronyms again!) in your car; but instead of a location on the planet’s surface, it tells you where you are in life and how to correct course for calmer waters when you find yourself in a challenging situation.

I know we all have one of these useful little IPS systems because that’s my experience of life, and it’s something I’ve observed so many times in friends, family and clients. And I know it works perfectly every single time because that’s also my experience of life and of my friends, family and clients.

But, and there’s a big BUT, we’re really good at covering it over with our mental version of MUD, often called ‘Logic’ for the unwary. Of course, there is a role to play for logic in every day life, for example you wouldn’t walk out in front of an oncoming car, it’s just not logical unless you want to end up at A&E.

Logic becomes the mental equivalent of ‘MUD’ or ‘muddled unhelpful decisions’ when we are trying to think our way out of a more nebulous situation that we’ve somehow found ourselves in. Perhaps we’ve ended up in an argument with a family member and we’re not sure how it all blew up; or we don’t know what do about a change in our circumstances.

When MUD like this shows up instead of relying on our IPS system, we go round and round in circles in our head hoping that somehow our brain will point is in the direction we need to go. Occasionally it does, but more often than not it gets us into more hot water further down the line.

Your IPS on the other hand is always accurate, it’s that still small voice inside of you that knows exactly what to do. And just like a compass always swings rournd to right direction.

Programming your IPS system is really easy.

It just needs silence and for you to be still, just for a little while as you’ll never find the answer to a difficult life question from a busy mind. Like our car’s GPS system the IPS will tell us where we need to go, what we need to do and who we need to speak to. If only we give it the chance to speak to us!

Instead, what happens is we are busy doing, doing, doing; instead of being still, still, still.

I noticed this myself this morning when I was yet again planning to add something else to my ever burgeoning to-do list. Somehow I’d got it into my head that the world needs more courses; courses about social media strategy, self-publishing, marketing for authors … and so the list goes on. Of course whilst I’m in the midst of a MUD attack my thinking assumes I’m the person to deliver all this, and whilst that may be true (possibly), it’s not true that it has to be RIGHT NOW! In fact I have enough on my plate with my job (part-time three days a week), the Hysteria Writing Competition, and the novel I’m trying to finish editing.

When I remembered my IPS had not been programmed for a few weeks, I took some time out and realised I was busy ‘doing’ rather than just ‘being’ and that insight helped reset my thinking back to something more manageable.

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