Mystical number 7

What is it about the number 7? I’d really like to get a definitive answer to this one so if anyone out there has the lowdown, please do let me know.

The reason I’m asking the question is because I’m reading a book by Caroline Myss called Anatomy of the Spirit, which looks at the spiritual/emotional issues that could lie behind some of our common health problems.

Basically she suggests that the chakra system can be aligned to the kabbalah and to the seven Christian sacraments, in that they each work on a different level of a person’s development – and there just happen to be seven levels in each of them.

Anyway all of this got me thinking – initially about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and whether that could also be aligned in the same way but unfortunately that only has five levels, but still follows the same principle so I had to scrap that idea. But then I started thinking of Shakespeare’s seven ages of man, seven seas, seven wonders of the world, seven days of the week, seven sisters, seventh son of a seventh son etc… etc… and began to wonder why 7 had become such a mystical number.

Anyway, this is my second attempt at producing this particular entry as last night, just before I went out I managed to delete the first one …… duh!

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  1. You have raised a very interesting point Curious22, about numerology which I hadn’t even considered when I was doing the original posting. It is fascinating how the power of the universe can be explained by mathematics.

    I’ve just done a quick numerology reading for myself at – you can too if you want to.  What was interesting was the reading for this years path, which is a number 7 year for me!  I am told

    “This is your year for personal reflection and perfection, a year of introspection. You feel like analyzing everything you have been and are doing. You think about beauty, love, perfection, and what life is all about.  You spend a good deal of time alone, getting acquainted with yourself and your new inner power. This year you gain a better understanding of your emotions and your spiritual nature. Take time out to rest, study, read, and travel, and to look at life from a different angle. Find outlets for personal creative expression.  If you have psychic, spiritual, new age, or mystic interests, this is the year to pursue those studies.  Quality is your standard.”

    Having this blog begins to make a sort of sense as I started it as an antidote to my ‘day’ job where the things I write have to fulfil certain criteria and I cannot be just ‘me’.

  2. Woman on the edge of reality,

    Perhaps the numeral seven is considered the most mystical of all numbers because it is the one number that cannot be divided evenly into the circle. This is always a dividend as the following chart illustrates:


    360 1 360

    360 2 180

    360 3 120

    360 4 90

    360 5 72

    360 6 60

    360 7 51.428571

    360 8 45

    360 9 40

    The mystical nature of Pi: The number 22 is considered symbolic of a complete circle, or the circle, because this is reflected by the twenty-two letters in the Hebrew alphabet, the twenty-two keys in the Major Arcana of the Tarot (Keys 1 – 21, plus the Fool) and indicating the full circle of experience. The function 22/7, one cycle of human experience divided by the spiritual Seven or Divinity within. This function is the value of Pi (3.1428571); or, the closet to it as can be expressed in whole digits. The discovery of Pi was a significant breakthrough in mathematics because its value is the relationship between the circumference of a circle and its radius and diameter; Pi presented humankind with a formula by which these things might be easily measured.

    Do a search on the following: H. P. Blavatsky & the number seven. She was a Russian mystic who explored east and western understandings of reality. She wrote a lot about her findings and experiences. She wrote about the mystical number 7 and tracks it back into history. It is pretty fascinating. I have studied numerology for years, because numbers fascinate me. In numerology 7 has been associated with the spiritual, mystical, philosophical, metaphysical, use of the mind to penetrate the mystery behind our existence & the need for time alone away from the crowds to do the analysis, etc.