Musings on life

I’ve spent a large proportion of the day trying to sort out email problems.  Firstly there are a number of changes made to the email server that I hadn’t authorised or made which meant that I wasn’t receiving mail for The Hysterectomy Association for about four days – instead it was bounced back to the sender as ‘undeliverable’.  By the time, I’d worked out what the problem was and rectified it, I reckon we’d probably missed something like 200/300 emails that we needed to receive – what sort of a message does that say about us!

I’ve also been battling with a cold.  You know the sort of thing, blocked sore nose, throat that feels like sandpaper that’s been used on the roughest of wood, cough that doesn’t seem to develop into anything substantial.  I also thought I’d lost my passport at one point, this was not a good moment as I’m going away on Saturday – fortunately staying calm and focused meant I found it reasonably quickly (well, it only took an hour).

Now though I’m also listening to a song called ‘When September Ends’ and I’m not sure whether I should cry or smile ….

Altogether it’s been “one of those days”, with everything that could go wrong, going wrong and yet … through it all there are the small mercies that make everyday a miracle.  The cup of tea and piece of coffee and walnut cake that appears as if by magic, at just right the time; the chat with the friend I’m going on holiday with; receiving amusing photo’s and sharing them with the world; the text message from my sister telling me she loves me; the hug that makes everything alright and finally getting to grips with just some of the work I should have been doing whilst trying to battle the email gremlins …..!

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