Moving On

I’m on the move again ….!  It hardly seems like five minutes since I last moved.  In fact, I’ve been doing a few calculations and can state quite categorically that I have now moved a total of 23 times.  That’s once every two years for the length of time I’ve been alive and as I didn’t move at all for the first 18 years it’s quite scary to think how adept I’ve become at setting up a new home!  I’m hoping that this time, I’ll be able to stay put for a while … it get’s quite wearing with the constant upheaval.

After all this, I think I’ll need another holiday – hopefully one less eventful than the previous one – perhaps somewhere hot, with little to do but wander round the odd ancient monument, swim in the pool, eat wonderful food and generally chill out and relax with a good book or two.  If you have any suggestions in mind, let me know by email.  A friend of mine is off to Zanzibar which sounds wonderful and exotic – I wonder if the reality matches the image of colour and spices I have in my head?  Mum has not long come back from Peru, now there’s a thought!

I’ll keep you all up to date with how it goes and where it is I finally decide to go to on my hols – perhaps off the New Zealand or Oz to catch up with friends and relatives might be good idea, or maybe even back to Cyprus!  Whatever I decide to do – it will not be the ordinary this time!

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