Mid November 2006

Remember my feeling of something (event) being imminent, well during my crop circle weekend I started to do a lot of dowsing. Dowsing is something I have been using for a couple of years now, but I haven’t really been completely confident in my own intuitive sense. That all changed this weekend, I feel in some ways as if I have ‘been woken-up’ maybe it was the ‘Keys to the Acturians’ presentation that I went to on the Saturday night.

Dowsing is a very ancient art, and it is stil used in the rural communities in Dorset today, to find the location of water, gas and electricity pipes. My step-son was very sceptical of it, until he started working with an agricultural fencing company and the guys he was working with were using their rods to locate pipes and other things before sticking a post in the ground. He became a convert very quickly!

Anyway, although I have some rods, I tend to use a pendulum mainly because I am trying to tap into my own intuitive knowledge. What I got when I was asking a series of questions on Friday evening was that there would be an ‘event’ somewhere in Asia (possibly India) during November (probably mid-November) that would be natural, but would be from outside the earth (ie something like a meteor strike). This event would be significant, but it would occur away from major centres of populations (fortunately), however it would have an impact on natural resources in some way (unspecified). Apparently Governments around the world are aware of this event, but aren’t doing anything about it, because they can’t.

Anyway, that is my prediction for the day – we shall see if my ‘intuitive powers’ are a force to be reckoned with or just for my own use thank you very much!

PS. Dowsing seems to work best when you have no attachment to the outcome, it seems to create a more accurate response!

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