Life is full of synchronicities

While I was in town today I was reminded very sharply of how many synchronicities happen in our lives; you know those incidents that we would like to pass off as coincidence, but find hard to do when we examine them in more detail.

I was talking with an acquantance I know just a little and when I asked what she was going to do with her afternoon off, she began to tell me some of her life story.  She was going to meet her brother she said.  They had been separated as very young children when they were all put into care.  Although she had tried over the years to find him, her search had been frustrating and eventually she had given up, trusting that he would call her one day.

That day, was just four months ago and now they are making up for lost time and enjoying being re-united.  But that isn’t really a synchronicity is it?  Some of the synchronicities are:-

  1. They both worked for the same company with just 18 months between their tenures
  2. One of his best friends is also one of her friends too
  3. He worked on the redevelopment of her place of work while she was working there

The fact that she lives in West Dorset and he lives in East Dorset makes it all the more difficult to see how just these three incidents could come about.  Isn’t life wonderful!

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