Life in Dorset (1)

We’ve just had a new path put in running alongside the road outside our home, it is lovely and tarmacy and is parallel with the road and it goes all the way up to our brand new village shop, and it is perfect for not taking your life in your hands by walking in the road.

I’ve just watched my husband walk out of the door and along the road to a meeting …. and he completely avoided the path and chose to walk on the road instead!  I’m sure I’m missing the point here, but I can’t think for the life of me what it might be.

Perhaps that’s life in rural Dorset for you – we have so little traffic coming by each day that we don’t worry about cars on the road.  In fact it is perfect for the locals, because we rarely get tourists anyway, mostly they by-pass us and head down to Devon and Cornwall.  Maybe it’s because we have no motorway access or that we have so few dual carriageways in the county, or maybe it’s just because it’s a really well kept secret!

Who knows?  but either way it is just the way I like it, and is the reason I escaped from the Midlands to live here.  Do you know that sometimes I listen to the traffic reports on Radio Two to remind how much I appreciate being here?   We have a traffic jam here if there are six cars in front of us at a junction.  Yes, I know that it’s not true for all of Dorset, especially the beach resorts, but for me who is just a couple of miles from the sea, it is perfect!

with love (do you have lots?), life (I really feel as if I’m living mine) and laughter.

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  1. I am always on the search for somewhere else to walk. I live in southern British Columbia, in a town called Richmond and it is something out of a movie where all if not 98 percent of the roads are straight. The city is set up as a grid and so your option ar up and down or accross. There is however a nice place to walk along a dyke that surrounds the city. But I am always on a search for the winding walkways through the parks, i’ll even settle for an alley, something with some character.