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Lessons Learned in November – On Shifting Priorities

Sometimes life has a habit of getting in its own way, you know the sort of thing that happens when you want to do something … really badly; you keep telling yourself that you want to do, really badly; in fact it would be great for your bank balance, figure, work, relationship if you did that thing … but for some reason it just doesn’t happen. You can’t make it past first base even.I’ve pondered on this long and hard over the years, in fact I’ve come up with so many excuses for not doing the things I know will make an enormous difference, that I could pen a book about them for others to use as well. Over the last month I’ve struggled to work out what exactly my priorities are so that I can focus on them and get them sorted.

Today, I think I realised what the problem really is – it was one of those moments of epiphany which happen upon you in the most ordinary of places – this happened when I commented on my friend Anne’s blog today. All of a sudden everything made sense and I now have some sort of starting point for making over and beginning again with my priorities.

So, my priorities are:

  1. I work for myself and have to deal with a shifting income – sometimes it’s high, other times it’s low. I need a way of ensuring that the income is consistently more than is going out the door, so how do I manage the differences?
  2. I love my family but rarely see them face to face – they live at differing ends of the country and I want to make the time to see them – how can I do that AND do everything else as well?
  3. I have a number of business hats – there’s my writing and books, the hysterectomy association, Internet Mentor (my social media and web development company), crystal clear books and there’s social meme (a new project I’ve been working on which yet to be made live). Each one of these demands my full-time attention, but as you’ve already guessed there is only one of me (two with Stevie in the case of IM) and I only have 24 hours in a day. Something has to give, so what is it to be?
  4. I have several books which need updating and I have several more I want to write – how do I choose which need to be the focus?

Whilst I don’t have the answer to each of these priorities right now, in this moment, I do believe I now have a way of working out how to deal with them.

Anne’s blog post (Thought for the Week – Commitments) talked about the commitment she was applying to herself to stick with an exercise plan through Christmas and my comment was that we stick with what we value and don’t stick with what we don’t. In other words I need to work out what I value in each situation outlined above and the answer should (in theory) drop out the bottom.

I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. I think Christmas has done for me, all that chocolate, cake and mince pies. I’m going to have a hard time getting back to my two low cal days next week as well Anne 🙁

  2. Still with it so far Linda, even when it meant shifting days slightly around bank holidays etc. Only missed one low-calorie day too though finding it jolly tough today. You would think you would get used to them, but not so far for me.

  3. It’s interesting that since this particular post a lot has changed and as you’ve said more recently – we all need to take a step back and re-focus on what matters 🙂

  4. You’re welcome Susan. At the end of the day I think I realised that this is the only thing of true value 🙂

  5. How’s the exercise regime going Anne? My thinking resulted in my All Change post about shifting priorities and the need to not burn out to quickly 🙂

  6. Hey Linda, I’m sure you will figure out some solutions…..Definatly
    ,sorry I have not tweeted for a while.How are you and Steve?hope everyone is well
    .I’m only drinking one day a week now(instead of everyday)!
    I’m cutting down on the cigs from 20 a day to 2 or 3 a day.

  7. I like that I made you think about your own situation differently Linda. I look forward to hearing what comes out of your thinking process. And I’m pleased to report that I did my exercises today BEFORE I went Christmas shopping with mum-in-law so that I couldn’t chicken out when I got home.

  8. mmmm, will be reading Anne’s post in a minute – it seems though that you have said pretty well about committing to only what is of value so thank you for this.

  9. I so agree with what you’ve said here, Linda. I recently found that I just couldn’t give both businesses – writing/publishing and energy-healing – the attention they deserved, and was spreading my limited energies way too thin.

    For the time being, I’m focusing on the writing and publishing, and on my Winter Jasmine Newsletter, and have put the Winter Jasmine blog and social media on ‘pause’. In some ways it was a difficult decision, but, once I had the idea to do it, I did it quickly, because I knew it was the right one.

    It is, as you said, a matter of value in the end. With the run up to Christmas as well, I think your post is timely and probably much needed!! So thank you!