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Lessons Learned in April – on place, writing and change

April 2012 has marked a sea change in the way I view myself and my place in the world. At the beginning of this year I vowed to make a change, I even did it publicly on my blog but failed to actually do anything about it until mid-March when I wrote a post titled The Art of Reinvention or how to start again! This is where the story of lessons learned in April really starts.

So, what did I learn in April?

Some of it was highly practical; some of it has been a profound journey into rediscovering who ‘I‘ am and where I want to be in life which is someone who earns their living from writing. Some of it has been about realising that I am actually an author and writer and have been for many years; that I have indeed achieved that particular dream and now I need to move forward into this new person I’ve discovered.

Practical Lessons Learned in April.

1. I discovered that there are actually a huge amount other writers out there. Funnily enough, and I should have known better, I had assumed that I was the only person in this particular boat with these particular problems. It seems that there are who bunch of people who are going along the same journey too and they are supportive, friendly, and helpful. No longer do I need to do this alone.

2. I read a huge number of books about writing; some were good (see Self Printed) and some were not so good (How to Write a Book in 48 Hours), but I learned something from all of them. Each one had a snippet (or ten) that I could add to my growing understanding of how I had already managed to achieve what I have and a list of things I could introduce and apply in the future.

3. I realised that blogging every day doesn’t need to be hard when you set yourself a goal or two and you have a structure in mind (thanks Madison). I am now writing, quite happily I might add, most days Monday to Friday with days off for Bank Holidays at Easter. In some cases, I’m even doing two blog posts in a day when I have something specific I’d like to share.

4. I realised that being present on my blog has had a knock-on effect too in that I’m now blogging most days on The Hysterectomy Association website too and interweaving the posts I write with the stories I receive from women going through this surgery.

5. I finally bit the bullet and decided to face the ‘do as I say not as I do‘ part of my work in Social Media. Instead of just helping clients work with the networks, I’ve taken a healthy dose of my own medicine and am now applying myself diligently in this are too.

6. I discovered Goodreads and many other sites too. I have done my first giveaway of ‘Woman on the Edge of Reality‘ which ended yesterday and am now waiting to see what the readers think of it.

7. In the process of meeting a lot of new people online I reconnected with many authors I already know and I’m sharing their stories with readers here in my Thursday Throng. I saw a tweet early in the Month from R.S Guthrie (@rsguthrie) who urged authors to support each other and I embraced that idea and have begun seeking out people I can help and work with.

8. I’ve done a bit of updating to get the blog to what I’d like it to be which is a place for me to muse on and share what I’ve learned. I’ve fiddled with the theme I was using and changed it back again and I’ve re-written some of the pages and information too. It should all now be pretty much sorted and I’d like to apologise to people following this blog as they got multiple messages saying pages and posts had been changed.

Personal Lessons Learned in April

1. The biggest one has is the realisation of my dream attained – I AM an author and a writer and am embracing a side of myself I hadn’t realised was there 🙂

2. I’ve also realised that I don’t need to please everyone but the one person I do need to please is myself. I am my own worst critic and it’s time I gave myself a break and a pat on the back for a job well done.

3. I’ve read lots more books that forced me to face some unpleasant truths I had hidden from for a long time but also gave me the inspiration to create a different reality that allowed me to embrace the Linda you see before you (see How to do everything and be happy and Excuse me your life is waiting).

That’s it, those are the most important lessons I have learned in April and I’m looking forward to learning more in May.

(Image by Alexandra from Pixabay)

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  1. Looks like an illuminating month! I too recently discovered just how *many* writers are out there. Wow.