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Late night conversations

Sometimes life throws a bit of whammy at you and it causes you to stop and think a little.  I don’t know about you, but this often happens to me in the dark and tonight was no exception with a late night conversation to a friend.

I hadn’t realised the depth of feeling evoked when I talked with my friend and found myself close to tears on two occasions when I realised just how close I am to something precious.  We were talking about life being more than just work and I remembered that one of my fathers favourite phrases was that you wouldn’t be saying how you wished you had done more work on your death bed; and yet to some extent – for me at least – that isn’t strictly true.  I love what I do because I get so much back from the people I come into contact with on a daily basis; whether that is through my Internet consultancy or The Hysterectomy Association.  I learn something every day from everyone of them.

My friend told me that I give and I get back, but not necessarily from the same person, a bit of ‘what goes round, comes round’ if you like.  And I suppose that this is the way I believe the world works.  My experience of life is that it is good; yes, bad things happen and events that you can’t control happen too, but ultimately things will work out how they are supposed to.  In time you can look back and say that yes, it was a good thing whatever happened the way it did because you learnt something from it or changed something about your life that needed changing.

And the thing that is precious?  Well that is the time spent in conversation with a very special person, one who has the capacity to challenge me on very many levels to be a better person, who won’t accept my obfuscations and my constant questioning back; someone who isn’t afraid to tell me that they don’t agree with me and who forces me to be clearer about my motives and with my words and thoughts.

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