Just hanging!

Sometimes it’s nice to just hang out – on your own or with friends, but not doing much of anything at all!   That’s where I find myself at the moment, just hanging out – on my own in this instance, but chatting to friends on the ‘phone, on skype and via email.  It’s been a quiet, but gentle evening and I’ve enjoyed it.

There are a lot of things I do when I’m ‘just hanging’.  Sometimes, it’s off for a walk and talk – one of my very favourite occupations – where the talk can be anything from the latest film, to current conspiracy theories that have captured the imagination, or the relative merits of the different politic parties – I guess it really depends on who I’m spending time with, how the conversation goes.  The walk can be one of my popular ones at Kingston Lacey, or it could be up onto Maiden Castle, or even just a quiet perambulation around the local area.

I love to just read too – at the moment it’s Shrodinger’s Cat Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson.  It’s one of those books I first read in my early 20’s at university and was what sparked my interest in quantum physics.  It’s been out of print for donkeys years, but I managed to locate a second hand copy on Amazon a couple of months ago and I promised myself that as soon as I’d moved I’d re-read it.

Films, theatre and eating out all figure fairly highly in my must do ‘hang out’ occupations, as does coffee and chat somewhere really chilled, and of course the pub for a quiet cosy drink or two as well.

The essential elements for ‘just hanging’ are good company (even if it’s just me), something great to do (and that could be work if I’m really engaged with it) and nice food/drink to go with it – like I said, it’s a gentle way to spend time and it’s great if you are like me and have a frenetic life the rest of the time.

So, here’s to you – just hanging and enjoying life too!

PS: this is my first post done in my new home with wireless broadband finally up and running – how fabbie is that then?

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