Isn’t perspective wonderful?

I’ve had a really **** couple of days, because some really annoying f*****g, w%%%%%r, b££££££s had hacked into a site I run on behalf of the community I live in and they had completely trashed the forums.

The air was blue, I was sooooo angry and frustrated, not only at them but also at myself for not having the sense to think things through before acting in haste (and then repenting at leisure…. lots and lots of leisure). Eventually though, it is all back up and running/

But the whole thing got me thinking. By last night I had realised some things about myself, that I love working with computers, I love this medium that is the internet and instead of battling against computers, they are a part of me and I interact with them as if they are an extension of myself. I love both the logic and the creativity that is needed when I work on my laptop – because what I do is creative, but I use a highly logical way of doing it.

I also noticed that I was no longer angry at the people that had trashed the forums on the site, why? because I had learnt something new. I realised I could do something about it myself (I know how to now, and if I’d just taken a few minutes to think and read and surf for information I would have saved a whole load of hassle in getting the hosting company to reinstall the database).

And I realised this (writing, and disseminating information via the internet) is where my passion lies, not in some of the other avenues I have been exploring recently and had assumed would be a better avenue to work in.

So, in many ways I have a lot to be thankful because I don’t know how I could have come to the conclusion I did, without the f…..g, w…..r, b……s who hacked my site. So yes, perspective really is a wonderful thing.

Till we meet again


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