Is it my imagination but is the world on the cusp of change?

Ok, I know that I’m probably building something out of nothing here, but bear with me whilst I explain what I’m talking about.  So far this year, we’ve had numerous revolutions, major natural disasters in Australia, New Zealand and today Japan.  We’ve been given the bad news about the global economy in just about every language and metaphor we can understand and we are facing one of the biggest challenge to the way the world does business from some of the newest and biggest economies.

So, I’ll ask the question again, is it my imagination or is there something that we’re missing here, some great big hint from the ‘world’ that things are a’moving and a’changing.  Those that have followed my random ramblings for a while may well have spotted that underneath this fairly conservative exterior there lurks a conspiracy theorist at heart, but even I would be hard pushed to suggest that there is something of a conspiracy theory here – the hand of man is not that obvious (unless you are looking at the economy, when it would the hand of ‘bank’ that is in play).

Anyone that comes up with a half plausible explanation will have my undying gratitude and a copy of Linkedin Made Easy for their trouble, if they’d like it 🙂

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  1. It’s a generation thing – by that I mean that your feelings crop up pretty much every generation. Think of the period for 1910-30. In that period we had a world war, the greatest economic world-wide crash and depression ever, just as many natural disasters as we seem to be having now. Go back to the 19th century and there were terrible problems – dust bowls, potato famines, volcanos, earthquakes.
    I think it seems worse now because
    1. The technological world in which we live – TV, radio, Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In….even telephones….means that we know every gruesome detail about every climatic change, disaster etc
    2. The world population is so much higher so the effect of, say, an earthquke is necessarily greater/worse. Maybe its nature’s way of population control.
    3. The world economy is so much more interlinked – sub-prime mortgages in mid-America affect banks around the world.
    4. There is a shortage of energy producing products and thus far the vested interest of large corporations has meant that new technologies are not being rushed into production – take hydrogen-powered cars. We are in a period of change and once we are through it – maybe 10 years – much of our dependence on oil and traditional energy sources will have been replaced, no doubt offering a new set of challenges!
    As one who’s glass is always bubbling over, I see all our current difficulties as short term and in the great scheme of things fairly small beer – not if you are personally involved of course when individual tragedies always seem overwhelming. But there’s always a global silver lining!

  2. Hi Linda

    see if the blog Japanese Shinto versus man-made nuclear horror,I’ve done about this makes sense!

    Also interesting stuff on how the moon might be influencing things. Just google moon and Japanese earthquake.

    best wishes, Sue