Inclusive Capitalism

I’ve had some really interesting conversations today by email with some pretty amazing people both on, and off, LinkedIn.  As I hope has become already evident, my overall aim with everything I do, is to empower people to do things for themselves.  It’s the reason I picked the charities to work with that I did and the reason The Hysterectomy Association works the way it does; and it’s also the reason why I work the way I do with Grow A Better Business.

And yet today, I was introduced to the term Inclusive Capitalism, which probably sums up far better than I can the whole purpose of supporting the development of entrepreneurs in developing countries.

According to Wikipedia, Inclusive Capitalism means the provision of support in countries who are moving towards capitalism or who have already embraced it and that this may help in what are called poverty alleviation strategies, one of which may be their employment and business base.

I have already used the analogy of the proverbial fishing rod on the page about the charities I’d like to work with.  To expand on this a little more, aid programmes used to focus on simply providing food rations and immediate needs support; today they are more likely to provide the means by which people can help themselves.  For instance, by providing education, agricultural implements, seeds and other things that help people to do it for themselves.

By supporting the entrepreneurs in developing nations, we are able to take this theme much further, as it is well known that local economies are supported in the main by local businesses, which help to keep local money flowing with the area in which it was created; which in turn leads to a more stable economy in each locality.  So thanks to Jeff Mowatt of People Centered Economic Development for introducing this concept to me … and thus to you too!

Today’s Statistics Too!

  • The total number of books sold – 9
  • The number of books sold online – 9
  • The number of books sold for directly to people instead of online – 0
  • The amount of money raised for charity – £18.00
  • The amount paid out to affiliates too – £0.00
  • The number of LinkedIn connections I have – 354
  • Some basic website statistics, such as number of visitors and pages viewed – Visitors – 60, Pages Viewed – 219

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  1. What do you feel is the difference between socialism and inclusive capitalism. Socialism is a concept floated by Indian PM Late JL Nehru, where he felt that non alignment and socialism should be the pillers on which India should rest. India had never been communist nor capitalist but a socialist since independance. Today both the extremes are swerving towards the middle path.