I’m back and raring to go! (almost)

Well, here I am back again in the land of blogging and after reading the last post I made I have to laugh really as I’m now moved into my new home, have sold and completed on the last one and all is well – well almost!

It is amazing how things turn out.  Not long after writing my blog, my surprise happened! The buyer turned up unexpectedly, I hadn’t met him before as he had been shown round by the agents.  We had a long, full and frank discussion about all the problems and concluded that the problem lay with the Estate Agents, Domvs and their inability to communicate with anyone.

I had already agreed to allow the surveyor in although very reluctantly and explained this to the buyer.  I also told him what my fears were.  The following day I told all this to both estate agents and to solicitors who were fairly dubious.  But the survey came back with nothing to report (despite my fears), and the exchange of contracts took place on the Thursday and we completed on 30th August, just in time for the end of the month and not having to pay an extra months mortgage, insurance, and utility bills.

It really has made me stop and think about just ‘letting it go’ and accepting that whatever will be, will be.

I’m now busy trying to get quotes for attic conversions, replacement windows, removals of internal walls and garden design – so I don’t think I’m out of the woods just yet.  My husband has also sold his house and will be moving in shortly which is frightening as this house is about 1/3 smaller than what we are used to – so lots of things have got to be sorted out and ‘let go of’.

Bye for now

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