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Painting Hands - helloI’d love to know more about you. So many of the blogs I visit seem to lack the information I would love to see which is the ‘who you are, what you do and why you love it’ type stuff – or at least I find it impossible to find on many. So I’d love to invite you to stop by and say hello here.

Why not leave a comment that tells me (and other future readers) a little about you and what brought you to the social web and blogging in the first place. You never know you might just meet the one person you really want to get to know by doing so.

To get things going, my name is Linda and I’ve blogged for more years than I care to remember (although not with much purpose for most of that time – until now). I love meeting new people and finding out what makes them tick and how I can help out 🙂

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  1. Hi Linda, An update on my screenplay for Atlantic City Nazi (Amazon). It’s in complete
    rewrite by me. I was told that would happen. Of most interest to me is the totally
    different mind-set required to write a screenplay versus a novel. As also was (told to me)
    recommended by folks that really know what they’re doing–read several how-to references by the most successful screenwriters or really don’t even begin writing one. It is really
    difficult. Have a good day. Charles

  2. Hi Jenny, nice to ‘meet’ you too and it seems we aren’t that far from each other, most of the time. I’ve just made it from under all that Jurrasic white stuff and up to Cheshire this morning – not a particularly quick or pleasant journey out of Dorset, what with the snow ploughs, accidents and general slushy stuff around. But, now I’ve settled again and am again warm and cosy, at least until tomorrow when it’s off to Leeds for the day. I do hope you enjoyed the book and it’ll be great to carry on the conversation around all things bloggy. What’s your blog/web address and if I can I’ll come along and follow you 🙂

  3. From the edge of the cliff along the Jurassic Coast I look out to an off white screen of loaded snow filled sky and an invisible far reaching sea below. I have just finished reading ‘Women on the edge of reality’ and have now found you in reality (virtually). Inspiring thought provoking and plenty of reading to follow up on your blog. I’m stuck here in UK waiting to set off on a journey to south of France and find a ‘Space 2 Play’ …. So it is perfect to find you and do some research, set up a theme for my own blog and make contacts with all those social activties on-line we are encouraged to follow – the world at present shrouded in the white stuff is out there. Keep warm and cosy Jenny

  4. I love to follow new people too Naznin, especially those who are keen to chat as well and not afraid of putting out their opinion too. So, it’s great to have you aboard 🙂

  5. Thank you Linda for following me. Nice post this one!… I am Naznin from United Arab Emirates. I love blogging because I love expressing myself. I also loved meeting new people and making friends!

    Have a beautiful day 🙂


  6. Hi Patricia, it’s really nice to meet you and thank you for sharing a cuppa with me. I think Allsorts are a bit like Marmite and the we either love some or hate some, the one’s I dislike the most are the coconut ones; and I know exactly what you mean when you say that you can’t bring them in the house too 🙂

    I can also understand the frustrations of book blogging too – I’ve got my Thursday Throng filled up for the rest of the year and am now doing January next year. I suspect I could do it everyday and it still wouldn’t be enough; take heart though, the books you do review will be appreciate the effort you put in. I shall hop on over to your blog and let’s keep you in touch. Linda xx

  7. The Allsorts I like least are the ones with “the bobbles on it that comes in either pink or blue”!! Yes, I have been snooping around your blog. I have been following you for awhile, Linda, but today is the first time I have pulled up a chair.

    I cannot bring Allsorts into my home – because I will eat the entire package – regardless of how big the bag! I could lock the package in the garage, and I would still hear those little candies calling my name: “Patricia, Patricia, ……”

    I do have a blog – a book review blog. I have been blogging since July 2011, and within those 13 months I have had to take some time away due to personal considerations. In fact, I am just getting back to blogging, after a few weeks away. And I am going to do a little catch up – my book review queue is quite lengthy, and currently I am not taking on additional books. I really do not enjoy turning authors down, but I have to be fair with the authors I have already connected with, agreed to review their books. But, still, it breaks my heart to turn authors down. It is an honour to be asked to review a work, and I would love to read them all!!

    See you around the blog world, Linda!


  8. Sounds like an interesting story you have there Bill – I think we are all more voyeuristic than we often admit, for instance I love tuning in to other people’s conversations in coffee shops. I’m glad you hopped over here from LinkedIn too 🙂

  9. Hi Linda,
    Well, I love writing at times. I love films and being involved in making films. Photography is a small hobby. I most probably do not take any of them too seriously which is a fault. I have just finished writing My Father The Spy: Deceptions of an MI6 Officer, which is now an ebook on Amazon. It is about my feelings and thoughts as the son of a spy who worked during and after WW2.
    I have a face book page which says quite a lot about me. I would consider myself a bit of a voyeur except I not only enjoy watching people I enjoy analyzing them. I should have been a psychologist.

  10. oh, it’s a plan. now i have to get into the second draft and make the changes. i have one kid’s graduation tonight and another tomorrow. then i have friends visiting this weekend and father’s day visit sunday about 2 hours away. it’s amazing how i can’t find the time to get into it.

  11. Sounds like you’re really getting your ideas together – almost a plan for the change perhaps?

  12. and he’s teamed with someone who is the opposite, and there’s a good chance there for verbal conflict that may influence other situations.

  13. I love the sound of that Rich, it mirrors the sorts of conversations I have with friends (and relatives) occasionally now so I think it’s something that all readers could (at some level) relate to.

  14. what i need to add to my story is a philosophical conflict in which one character has strong faith and the other has had something in his past that caused him to turn away from his faith. then, as the two of them progress through this ghost phase on their way to what may or may not be an afterlife, they can debate their own feelings and each other.

  15. I’ve been told that there must be plenty of conflict and true resolution in a story to make it relevant and interesting to the reader. I have also observed that the stories which have the widest appeal seem to talk to all the senses, sight, sound, smell, touch etc ….. in this way every possible reader can get something out of them and feel a connection to the story and characters. We all have personal preferences and it’s hard to step away from those when you are writing fiction because it’s your natural state.

  16. what i’m learning, still learning, is how to make a good story even better. the one called “disconnected” is about two people who die in a plane crash but walk away from that bright light to the afterlife. instead, they choose to stay here. although i think what they do while here is interesting, i’m learning that the main characters need more complications in their lives that will cause more complications while stuck here as ghosts.

    i think it’s a good story, and it is – but just “good” is not good enough, so i’m working on revising that.

  17. You’re welcome. One thing I’ve found since starting this properly is that I’ve got a far broader reading spectrum now than I’ve ever had before and it’s really opening my eyes to things I’d not thought about before 🙂

  18. Finding oneself amongst the rest of the world is amazingly exciting when it happens again – good luck Anne x

  19. It was the very same Rich – I wouldn’t worry about a good story will always come out in the end – I’ll let you know how I get on. At the moment I’ve got about four books on the go so it’ll be a while before I get to reading it 🙂

  20. uh oh. now i’ve gone and done it. if it’s “room 317,” then that has a rough first chapter that needs to be revised yet again, but the rest i’m comfortable with.

  21. I’m Anne and I have the joy of knowing Linda in the offline (I nearly said real!) world as well. I wrote my first book, Their Cancer – Your Journey – in 2008 and have taken a break from writing since then. Found my voice again now so Big Things Are Afoot this year.

  22. Gosh, sounds a bit like me Rich. I’ve had one blog or another since 2002, started this one in 2005, wrote the first post in 2006 and then it was incredibly intermittent until this year when I thought ‘OK, I’m going to do this …. come hell or high water …..’. And how are the books going?

  23. I love your community Raina and visit regularly – reading what it being writ large across your pages. So how’s the freelance writing going?

  24. Oh I know that feeling well Lauri – my voice was locked away until I could admit to myself that I was in fact the author I’d always dreamed of being – it only took seven books and seven years to get to that point LOL 🙂

  25. I think that desire to share is what prompts many people to write Lesley, or create art in some other form. Expressing yourself is (I believe) a basic human need and it will find a way out somehow so good luck, I love what you are doing and I too am kept awake at night because I’m so excited by life, the world and everyone 🙂

  26. i’ve been blogging about 6 years, but in early years i may have only posted twice a month. started taking it more seriously over the past two years. was a teacher for 25 until i had had enough. working on books now.

  27. Hello Linda, I just started a writing community for writers here in Malaysia called WritersClubKL. I was also a business journalist turned freelance writer….

  28. In February I said, “I think I would like to be a writer.” I probably always wanted to be a writer but Desire To Make a Good Income Doing What I Majored in locked my writing voice in a closet. She is out now, but still finding her sea legs.

  29. It started with my books and art but now I find something new I want to share almost everyday! My adventures, my research on Islam, travel, volunteering… the list is endless. Sometimes keeping me awake. I think it may be because I started life so late in life. 😉 Loving it anyway and appreciate your call out Linda. Lesley

  30. And you write a lovely blog too Robin, I was reading your ‘mad woman’ post today and found myself laughing heartily remembering my experiences too 🙂

  31. You sound a bit like the Mad Hatter and I mean that in the nicest possible sense Harry – Nice to meet you too and I love your posts by the way 🙂

  32. You know me, i’m Harry. I have three blogs and two forums going so they keep my fingers busy. Bye for now must type 🙂