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I have a dream

I have a dream.

No this is not the start of Martin Luther King’s famous speech.

Instead, it’s my take on a similar principle. I have a dream, I’ve had it for many years, to give everyone the opportunity to change their life if they want to. The method is simple and effective and it works every time, but first, you have to see me as I really am.

So, I’d like you to sit back, relax and put your imagination into gear as I start a process of transformation before your very eyes.

Imagine I’m wearing a big white fluffy dress, with a cloud of golden curls cascading down my back. There is a huge glittery tiara on my head and in my hand, I have the all-important magic wand. Yes, that’s right, I am your fairy godmother and I have the power to make all of your wishes come true.

It is likely that some of you will have a veritable shopping list of things you’d like to change and I’m only here for the time it takes you to read this post so I’d have to leave most of you disappointed.

I came with a backup system.

How would it be if I gave everyone reading this their own magic wand? You could use it whenever you wanted to grant your own wishes and change your life?  I’m sure that would be much more satisfactory than waiting until your fairy godmother decides to grace you with a rare visit.

It just so happens that these magic wands are even more effective than my magic because everyone knows that fairy godmother granted wishes have to disappear at sunset. These magic wands create permanent, lasting change because it is YOU that is wielding them.

And if I told you they were made up of just two little words, which of themselves don’t mean much but when combined together they are powerful beyond belief, you might not believe me.

But I am your fairy godmother and I wouldn’t lie to you and besides, I’d quite like a night off every now and then so I want to give you something that works right, every time.

Those wands, these mighty magic words, are TAKE ACTION. Too many of us sit and watch our life drift by, imagining what might happen if things happened to us. Rarely do we take the actions necessary to create the change we want to see take place.

Opportunities are a bit like coins in the street. There you were walking along and suddenly you spot a bright shiny penny and pick it up. Our life is the same, life changing opportunities come along all the time, but often we just don’t spot them or we let them pass us by saying it’s going to be too hard to do, or I’m not good enough, or I can only do that when this happens.

If I look back on my life I can see the places where I took action, and I can see those where I allowed opportunities to pass me by. I can see the times I decided to learn something new, to attend an event, to venture away from my home, and put myself outside of my comfort zone. I can see the times where I climbed into pyjamas and sat in front of the TV instead!

Imagine what the world would be like if Martin Luther King had settled only for a dream.

Imagine too what might happen if no one stood up against tyranny and dictatorship.

And imagine how poor our society would be if no one smiled, said hello and welcomed a stranger into their lives and communities.

Taking action, any sort of action whether it’s big and bold and on a global scale or whether it’s the act of friendship transforms lives.

We never know where it might take us, we don’t know who others know, we don’t know the opportunities they may represent for us.

As your fairy godmother who is only interested in your well-being and happiness, I would like to hand you all, the one magic wand that will always work for you.

This wand, these words are powerful and they are activated just by applying them to the opportunities that come up in your life.

So, how bold can you be?

How big a dream do you have?

What change will you make happen?

I’d like to invite you to take the wand.

Use those words

And create the change YOU want to see.

(Image by Adina Voicu from Pixabay)

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