How to get 100,000 people to give you £1 each

Last summer, my darling husband, a friend called Mary and me were all sat having tea and tabnabs and talking about how we could get 100,000 people to give us £1 each. We all came up with some fantastic ideas, but completely unworkable or not legal and in the end we had to agree that we didn’t have the faintest idea how to do it, but we would let our brains continue the thoughts for us in the background of our lives.

Well here I sit, almost 12 months later with the same question still buzzing in my head, how can I persuade 100,000 people to give me one pound each. Surely that has to be possible, and low and behold, I was sent an email that got my curiosity going. It mentioned something called the onemilliondollarsite – I googled this, natch, and when I clicked the link came up – the site wasn’t found.

That’s odd I thought (I do think occasionally you know), and changed the search to one million dollar site and up popped a link to The Million Dollar Homepage. I checked out Alex’s blog and his FAQ’s, and you know what – that was my idea! it obviously spun out into the ether from the universe and hit Alex’s brain rather than mine, but I’m absolutely certain it was meant to come this way, it just got diverted a few mile north of where I live to Alex in Wiltshire.

But, I’m not going to be sore about this, that was just how things were meant to be, but I am still left with the vexed question of how to persuade 100,000 people to each give me £1. If you are reading this and are feeling just a little sorry for my plight then why not use this link to send £1 to me though paypal.

With love, light and laughter

PS do check out Alex’s site, it really is one of the most original I have ever come across, and what a fantastic idea – way to go Alex!

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