Hometown Blues

I’m visiting my mum for the weekend in the town I grew up in – Ellesmrere Port in Cheshire and I found myself reflecting (as usual) whilst driving to see various friends that not much changes really, except perhaps our perceptions and memories of people and places.

When I was a child, this town was my whole world; there was no where else and I couldn’t conceive of living anywhere else.  To be somewhere else was to be on holiday or visiting relatives, it wasn’t something you did permanently.  Now, as an adult, with years of experience behind me and having lived in so many different places, it seems odd to remember having felt like that and it seems odd to come ‘home’ (even though I do it reasonably regularly).

Ellesmere Port used to be BIG, but now it seems small, probably because I’m bigger and have grown up.  Now I find myself longing to get back to the peace and tranquility of Dorset, with the ‘easy on the eye’ landscapes and buildings

I also find myself wondering about some of the people I knew as a child who are still here – how have their lives moved on, have they changed at all or are they still the same as they were when I knew them.  Somehow I can’t imagine living all my life in one place.  For me I needed to travel around, do different things, meet a wide range of challenges and to grow as a person – but that’s just me, the external drivers are what count.  I guess that there will be those who don’t need that; who have the capacity to change simply through their own internal processes – or maybe I’m just getting the whole thing wrong.

I came yesterday and will return home to Dorset tomorrow – in the time I’m here I will have spent time with two of my oldest friends – drinking, laughing and comparing notes on life as we live it; with these women it is as if I’ve never been away, we simply start up where we left off last time with no hint of a break.  I will have caught up with my godmother and the various members of the church I used to belong too who remember me as baby, toddler, child and angsty teenager.  Mum and I will have spent the day together out and about and then we’ll have an evening just being companionable.

It’s nice to come ‘home’, to be cossetted and cradled by family and friends but I couldn’t do it all the time, just for high days and holidays!

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