For some time now, I’ve been drowning in a sea of paperwork, orders and admin and even I had to admit that it was probably time to get some help in, and TODAY was the first day of the rest of my business life as my new assistant started (name witheld to protect the innocent).

It was quite a lesson I have to say because I hadn’t realised how much I did automatically – I guess that’s a pretty stupid thing to put really because I’m always going on at clients that ‘they don’t know what they don’t know’ etc……  Anyway, the upshot was I realised that some of my systems are pretty cumbersome so they need to change, I also found a whole load of paper I could just chuck in the recycle bag and I also realised that no matter how prepared you think you are, there is always something that comes along to bite from behind, in this case printer, hub and no spare Cat5 cable ……!

It was off to the shops first thing to purchase at least some of these items – the cat5 cable was completely forgotten even so and I had to beg one from another colleague to get me through the day without mishap.  My office angel arrived and promptly got started on the pile of orders I’d just dumped in one corner and then got to grips with the database and the latest orders to arrive today – in no time at all we were congratulating ourselves on a job well done and I was looking forward to having a bit of rest.

But … the big problem now is that I no longer have any excuses for not getting on with my work … the email has all been handed over, the orders and admin will be too …. now it’s just me and the laptop in a very intimate relationship and finally doing all the things I’ve been saying I will for months!

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