Having Fun!

Well, I have now been at home for just over two weeks and haven’t managed to get onto the site to add to the blog in all that time. It is funny how ‘real life’ takes over once you are back in your home environment.

I now have to deal with the orders I am getting, processing them, making them up and posting them out whereas in Cyprus I had left that to someone else to do for me. Of course, you never realise how much doing these admin tasks eats into the time you have and I have suddenly found myself at 10.00pm at night and I still haven’t managed to update the blog.

One thing I would strongly recommend before embarking on any Internet Adventure would to be think very hard about how much time you will actually have to spend on the admin tasks that aren’t (in themselves) going to add directly to the bottom line.

Now I am back I am also dealing with builders, plumbers, electricians and tilers. Although the major building work was done while we were away, we are now finishing off – it is surprising how long you can spend making tea for your work guests each day, having a chat about the weather, their next job and the kids – it all eats into the time you are spending on your business.

Finally, I am also updating The Hysterectomy Association website and improving my Google Adwords campaigns – once again all tasks that affect the amount of time I have for other activities. However, having said all that – it still feels like I’m playing and not really working so I can’t complain too much can I?

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