Happy New Year

There are times in your life when everything seems to come together and other times when it is important to stand back and reflect on what has happened.  This week has been one of those times when it’s necessary to take stock before moving forward again.

It was Halloween last night, Samhain today (the day of the dead to many) and as such represents a new beginning for many in the world, a new year if you like, began this morning.   As I was musing on this I realised that it is about a year since the biggest changes in my life started occurring.  Not only do I have a new business, I’ve moved house, got an office, taken on staff, met some fabulous new friends, have a wildly different social life to the one I had before and lost my dad when he died in December.  It all started at the beginning of November 2007 too.  To say the last year has been life changing would seriously underestimating everything that has happened.

Marrakesh gave me the opportunity to relax a little and make decisions about what I do and don’t want in my life.  It helped me to see more clearly what makes my heart sing and what crushes it like a stone, what hurts and what heals and which paths may be the ones that are ultimately the most positive.

I’m much, much happier than I was when I went; calmer about many things, relaxed and chilled – realising that life doesn’t have to be so ‘full on’ all the time.  With those things in mind then, I’ve decided to let myself of the hook a little and take time off at weekends and in the evenings.  I will NOT be doing the frantic socialising I have been doing and I will be spending more time just being – perhaps a little hibernation too now that winter has set in.

This week then has represented a full stop at the end of the sentence that was that year.  Some things that started have now stopped, changed or shifted; others are just beginning to come to some sort of conclusion or resolution and yet more have still to develop into the weave of the rich tapestry of my life.

Who can say where I will be this time next year, I am sure that it won’t be quite as dramatic a change as this one has been – but then again, you never know do you?

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