Happy Monday!

Let’s face it, Monday’s are rarely pretty, they sort of sidle up to you after the weekend demanding attention and forcing you to face the reality that the next weekend is still a whole five days away.

But, it would be easy to spend your whole life waiting for the next weekend and avoiding Monday’s wouldn’t it? And what a waste of a life that would be, so …… how can you make the Monday morning blues into a Happy Monday?  Here’s just a few ideas culled from my brain to get things going:-

  • Have great sex ….. only possible if you have some you can do it with though!
  • Create a treat, something you only ever do on a Monday like have a hot chocolate in Costa Coffee
  • Do something wild and impulsive that has your eyes sparkling for the rest of the day
  • Meditate – yes, it really does work wonders
  • Go to an exercise class of some description – I’ve just got in from my yoga class!
  • Chat with a friend, laugh and play together – you can even do it on the ‘phone you know!
  • Eat comfort food. Pasta is my favourite and it’s sitting next to me in a big bowl right now.
  • Put on fabulous disco music and dance around the sitting room

But above all ….. SMILE – you will confuse those people who aren’t aware that Monday’s can be happy!!!!!!

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