I am so sad – two posts in two hours, I really don’t have enough to do …. not!  Anyway, despite it being 11.30pm I’m still doing work avoidance, so I thought I’d really really sad this time and google myself – have you ever done that?  Well the results were interesting, apparently there are 1130 results for my name “Linda Parkinson-Hardman” even when you put it into quotes to force it to search for a phrase – I even found some links to articles in the newspapers I’d forgotten I’d been involved in.  So, quite a pleasing result methinks.

Now, it really is time to either get down to some work or go to bed …. work/bed ….. work/bed – I think I’ll go and sleep on it – I’ll feel less like procrastinating when I’ve had a good nights rest, although judging by some of the posts I’ve added to this recently, I can’t necessarily be absolutely certain of that either!

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