Getting a contract

One of my networking buddies, David Cottrell, sent me this LinkedIn success story and he was happy for me to share it with you as well.

“I received an invitation from an unknown person to join their network. A quick search showed that they were part of a US-based consultancy. I accepted the invitation and received a ‘phone call the next day. The consultants were undertaking a global research project for a Dutch-based chemical company. They did not have resource in Europe and ran a search on LinkedIn to identify possible candidates. Up I popped.

It was an ideal and lucrative piece of work that was desk-based. The client was seeking a report on market trends in a number of application areas. I used my contact list to find the right people to talk to and then spent a long time on the ‘phone.
I have made a number of new contacts via this work which will lead to further projects for me next year.
The key message is that members must constantly review their profile on LinkedIn and  make sure it really reflects them and the work they undertake.”
The reason I wanted to include it today was because I was presenting at an event yesterday and a number of people said to me that they would never accept a connection request from someone they didn’t know.  Now, that’s fine; if it’s your policy then you need to stick with it.  But David’s story shows just how powerful this network can be and sometimes taking a risk by accepting an unknown connection can pay dividends.

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