Focus, that’s what needed to make an impact!

People arriving at my little bit of the blogosphere could be forgiven for being completely confused about what it is I’m doing when I’m writing here.  I flit about from subject to subject, sometimes I’m thinking business, sometimes I’m thinking LinkedIn and networking and sometimes I’m just plain ‘Linda’, thinking almost and sharing a few of the oddities that sometimes strike me when I’m doing nothing in particular.

A by-product of this unseemly variety is that I can find it difficult to find inspiration about the sorts of things that I want to write about and as a result I don’t update my blog as frequently as I think I would like to.   A recent effect of my own confusion is that I’ve been thinking about how to be more structured in everything I do online for many months now and it was only after reading another blog by a fantastic writer based right on my doorstep here in West Dorset that the answer came to me.

The answer, it seems, is to focus.  That focus could be a subject, it could be a theme or it could be journey of some description.  It’s all become suddenly clear; I’ve lacked focus here since I began way back in 2006.

As I have two main areas of interest: Social Media Strategy (for that read LinkedIn mainly) and writing it seems obvious now that I can simply split my online writing off into these two facets.  And with this in mind I shall be re-homing all the social media content that has a business focus and which sits on Woman on the Edge of Reality to a very nice couple who will feed and water them and look after them carefully on a lovely little website called Internet Mentor.

This will leave my blog here free for me to re-focus on writing (and a little of my irregular off-piste commentary) and perhaps I could try out some of the things that I write, like short stories and simple passages of text and dialogue that run through my head in ever decreasing circles out on you, my elusive readers.

Not to put too fine a point on it, I can’t believe it’s taken me five years to see what is so blindingly obvious now that I’ve recognised it, but perhaps I should just accept my own advice to others which is that you don’t know something until something, or someone, tells it to you so perhaps I just had to find my inspiration first and for those who are interested, that blogger I was talking about can be found here at:, a perfect insight into the oddities of village life in rural West Dorset.

I’ll be packing up and helping all those, now homeless posts, move to their new home tomorrow! How exciting 🙂

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