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Do we see things the same?

I have often wondered if we all see things in the same way or if they are different for each of us. I know that our versions of an event would all differ simply because we each bring our own perceptions, values, ideals and views to the discussion; but do we actually SEE things differently? Is my sight giving me a different picture than your sight?

I’m pretty sure that we see colour differently – how else can I explain my husband’s complete lack of taste when it comes to decorating! So I decided to see if there was any information about this on the web. And when I started searching I found that research proves it. Or does it? I am concerned that much of what we are dealing with is being explained by ‘science’ and I use that word very loosely. Is there more to seeing colour than just this gene?

Color, Art and the Mind tells us there is more to this than meets the eye, that even our sense of colour and sight is affected by the way in which we interpret our world (or not as the case may be).

Even better is the explanation at the Godbit project states:

“Color has three major components:
Source of light
Object receiving the light
Viewer or receptor of color
If one of these components changes, the entire appearance of color will change.”

So it just goes to show that my husband and his lack of colour sense will never really understand, or comprehend why pink, red and orange look so wonderful together on the dress I bought for that friend’s party last Saturday.

(Image courtesy: garageband)

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  1. It’s a problem John and one that I think my partner Steve would probably agree with too 🙂 I think it’s also important to remember that colour is very subjective, for instance I LURVE pink – but Steve can’t stand it and yet pink was THE manly colour in the 18th Century – shame really 🙂

  2. They say that some people have tin ears, but I say that I have wooden eyes. How else is it that my sense of colour choice is met with such horror by the women in my life?

    Well now I know! All of us men have wooden eyes, allegedly. And it also leads to a strange aural twist too, because I’m sure that “our” gets heard as “my”, as in “you’re not putting that in MY house” when I see something that I think looks good.

    Another of life’s little mysteries explained.