Decluttering the blog ….

Over the last few weeks I’ve been spending time thinking about what’s important, not only in life, but also on this blog. To be honest it had become unwieldy to say the least and I was never quite happy with how it sat or how it was organised. It was time for a serious declutter.

cleaning brushes
Photo Courtesy: tanakawho (flickr)

Now that’s quite a frightening thought because it’s been with me a long time, it’s been seven years since I wrote the first post and I’ve changed a lot in that time. I was afraid of what I might uncover once I got started – that it would no longer make the grade and I’d need to junk it.

Anyway, I pulled on the metaphorical rubber gloves, poured myself a large glass of wine and with a big bucket of hot soapy water I proceeded to get into all the nooks and cranny’s. I found so many dust balls and unwashed skirting boards that the water was soon filthy and needed changing again but by then at least I’d sorted out my categories – now every post (I think) has been assigned to a correct category and they make sense again.

With a new bucket of water and some fresh rubber gloves on, I started on the tags. Whew! what a task that was. I had almost 1,600 of the blighters to catch and rehome; they just kept crawling out of the woodwork. Every time I moved one to a safer place outside the house another one appeared to take its place.

It’s mostly done and those 1,600 have been whittled down to about 200. I now have a good taxonomy for going forward and am resolved to keep on top of them in the future.

Of course, what all this work means is that some of my posts have been left orphaned and it’s to them, my babies, that my attention will turn next. I shall polish them up, remove the bits that have gone bad and give them a good bath. Then I’ll make sure they have friends to play with and I’m sure that in a very short period of time we’ll all be feeling much happier and more harmonious in our joint home.

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  1. Thanks Madison, just got the final few titivations to complete and then it will be ready to work with over the coming months – as long as I don’t make the mistake of cluttering it back up again 😉

  2. Sounds like an excellent plan. When I only started my blog 5 months ago, I still find myself learning about how to organize my page. When I finish figuring out my widgets I shall begin the re-organization. It sounds daunting but I love ‘clean’.

  3. I haven’t even begun to declutter the tags and categories of my blog, but it’s on my list of things to do. I’ve been doing a bit of overhauling too. Good job on your progress so far!