Creating our health reality

My biggest interest lies in women’s health issues and I am the Director of The Hysterectomy Association. But that is simply the begining of it all, what really intrigues me is the question about creating our reality with regards to our health and our experience of illness and disease.

I feel passionately that we create our own experiences and that this includes our health as well, my own experiences have shown that to be true – but more about those another time. But it would be too simplistic to say that if we are ill it is our fault and we should do something about it, I feel it works more at an energetic level and that much of the time we aren’t aware that we are even operating in this realm of reality.

So, what do I mean about the energetic level? well I guess I mean that science is now beginning to prove that our biography creates our biology (as Caroline Myss puts it). What this means to you, me and the post man, is that the way we live our life has a huge impact on the way our health is. We can all point to the times when we had an upset tummy because we were nervous or upset, or an irritating phone call had seemed to directly cause a migraine or we had back and neck problems when we were stressed.

Energy medicine and creating our own reality is what these are. When we are stressed, tests show that our immune system is lowered – so it makes sense then to try and reduce the amount of stress we experience as we are more likely to be ill. How many times have you struggled on at work, only to find that as soon as you take a holiday you get ill? When we relax our body has a chance to begin to heal itself and illness is it’s way of beginning that process.

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