Chairs and tables

Why is a chair called a chair and why is a table called a table?  These are questions that regularly tax my mind into answering and I still have never been given an adequate answer to the question.

Yes, I know it is all about language and the development of syntax and other long words I often don’t understand, but why these particular sounds and why not others.  Who was it who decided that this thing we sit on at a desk or a dining table should be called a chair – who felt they had the authority to do that or was it simply something that evolved?

Other things that fascinate me about words is the way they sound, when you really listen to the words that someone is saying it can be quite astonishing that this particular sound has this particular meaning.  Just think of ‘balderdash’ say it slowly to yourself and roll it around the tongue – doesn’t it sound odd and why does it mean something you don’t agree with.  Any thoughts on these and other interesting words gratefully received.

Bye for now – I’m off the Beer in North Devon for the rest of the day and playing hookey from The Hysterectomy Association – very naughty but the weather is lovely for a change and we need to make the most of it.

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