Beautiful Blogger Award

beautiful blogger awardI’ve just received my very first blogging award and I am very chuffed about it too. It’s been awarded to me by the lovely Karen Payze of Drawing Room Days and it’s really made my day. I feel all warm and fuzzy and I fancy a little glass of champagne to celebrate .. or perhaps I’ll settle for a cup of peppermint tea instead.

I am so fortunate that my day job is often about writing too and that I get to ‘meet’, albeit virtually so many lovely people. Since, I decided to actually give my blog a little love back at the beginning of this year I have had the opportunity to talk to people, to host people and to share my strange little world with others too.

And now, I’d like to also nominate a few bloggers who I know have been working on a variety of projects and businesses and aren’t all writers by any means – they often contribute something a little different to the blogosphere.  I find their insights interesting and I inevitably learn something new along the way.

All I ask of you, my nominees, in return is to:

  • thank and link-back to your nominator
  • Nominate 7, 6, or fewer (or more) other blogs that you enjoy to receive this award as well
  • Post a comment on each of your nominees blogs with a link to your page for the details
  • Paste the Award image somewhere on your blog, you can copy it from here and then re-use it.
  • And, continue blogging all your beautiful thoughts, suggestions, and musings. More readers are coming!

Thanks once again to the wonderful Karen Payze for passing on this award to me 🙂

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