Back in the real world

What can I say, the week I’ve just had has been a real eye-opener and will certainly be one I shall never forget.  But where did it all start?

Saturday – almost missed my check-in time, I had just five minutes to spare and my imagination was running riot with the “will I appear on the TV programme ‘airport’ as one of those maddened customers that EasyJet refuse to allow to check-in late“.   I met my sister and her girlfriend at the airport, we had an hour or so’s chat about ‘things’ in the coffee shop first and then went to collect the car – an upgrade to a top of the range Astra was a very nice bonus …… except that I misread the fuel gauge and insisted we had to fill up with fuel at the first petrol station we came to, £5 later and Beth and I both realised all was not right with the world as the fuel went in penny by penny and then gushed out all over our feet.  A quick check with the manager and he soon put us straight – although he did knock a couple of quid off the bill for all that had been spewed over the forecourt.

We then collected my mother and her car from my Aunts – I did the deed and told her the ‘news’ (those of you that know, ‘know’, those of you that don’t – I’m not about to share it with you all here, so call me).  Her response was ‘Oh!’  and that’s all I got all week.  I was expecting recriminations, accusations, sympathy, condolences – something, anything – but nada, nothing, zilch.  Aunty D was wonderful though and very supportive, as were Aunty C and the Uncles.  Strange though, the cousins had a similar reaction to Mum – very odd.

Sunday dawned wet and windy, and it stayed that way all week … fortunately the weather was awful in Cheshire, Dorset and Kent so we didn’t feel too bad.  Off for a spot of shopping then – what else is there to do on a wet day in Northern Ireland?

Monday – the electricity went off and I came back to a house in darkness after a walk to the peninsula and was the only one prepared to climb in under the stairs, with instructions via mobile from the owners about how to get to the master sockets – along with dire warnings of rats, mice and spiders …..!

Tuesday – off for lunch with the rellies, and not much else.  Beth, Carmela and I all retreated to bed for the rest of the afternoon to work out the ‘demons’.

I woke up to blue sky and a sudden urge to walk, think and and just generally ‘be’ – aka, standing and staring!  I’d been given a suggestion of a route which I took but found myself facing an enormous puddle and was trying to work out how I was going to get through without getting wet when out of nowhere a car appeared and a woman asked if I’d like a lift across the puddle – of course I said yes and there I was – in and out in a trice but with nice dry feet!

Carrying on down to the very end of the peninsula I found a convenient wall to have a sit and think on while watching the seals and sea birds and the waves.  I must have been there about an hour all told when I was suddenly met with an ‘are you alright?‘.  This most wonderful woman had been watching me from her kitchen window for all that time and was worried I was about to ‘do something stupid‘.  She gathered me up, scooped me into her kitchen, fed me coffee and biscuits and we put the world to rights.  She then had her husband drive me back to the barn so I didn’t have to walk.  It’s true, angels come in many guises and Isabella, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Wednesday – the water went off …. after frantic phone calls to the owners who were also on holiday, it turned out the water board were fixing ‘something’ and order was restored.  Beth and Carmela were off home so I took them up to the airport.  Not feeling too good, but with a makeover booked in the city centre I promised myself something to eat as soon as I got there.  Had the makeover, went to M&S, picked up some jeans and feeling even worse headed for the cafe assuming that I was feeling the effects of low blood sugar levels.  I stood in the queue in the cafe stuffing egg and cress sandwiches in my mouth and gulping fresh orange juice and eventually paid.  Picked up some hot, sweet tea (I know I don’t take sugar, tell me about it) and sat down.  I was fine for about 15 minutes before realising I was going to be very, very ill indeed.  I managed to get halfway across the third floor and into the children’s wear department before the projectile vomiting started.  Clothes were ruined, the floor was a mess, I was weeping buckets, the makeup was ruined and underneath what was left I was apparently as white as sheet.  The staff were wonderful though, they took charge, found me a seat, brought me baby wipes and cool glasses of water, then took me to the staff loos to get cleaned up properly and then to the staff canteen for more hot, sweet tea and then the first aider from Customer Services escorted me to the carpark so I could pick up the car.  Got home, had bath, went to bed and slept.

Thursday – due to see more rellies for lunch so I stayed in bed – the thought of food was just too awful to bear.  Did get out for another very short walk though!

Friday – the whole of NI was preparing for the 12th … bonfires ringed the hills from midnight onwards, I could just imagine the alarm being raised in just such a way, it was quite magical  and ….. I also got asked out on a date by one of the neighbours son’s I’d been chatting too all week …..!  Went to see my new friend Isabella again with a thank you card and we’ll be keeping in touch.

Saturday – got stuck in Newtonards because of one of the ‘b…..y’ parades, so got my nose out and worked my way around it and arrived at the airport in plenty of time for a nice coffee and a sit down before I had to check-in.  Picked up my email in the departure lounge and managed to delete a whole load I was supposed to keep by mistake – you would never know I’m supposed to be an Internet ‘expert’!

So, that’s my weeks holiday – I can’t say it wasn’t uneventful now can I?

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