Questions of Age

I was at a friends 50th birthday party last night and it got me thinking as I watched all these vastly different people and how they interacted and communicated with each other, that we really have no concept of ‘age’. We measure our time on earth by years, but what is a year?

Somehow 365 days just doesn’t cut it. If time is man-made and it could be horizontal, vertical or even circular how can someone be ’50’. And if they are a soul that is constantly re-born in new lives, then can we ever really ‘know’ how old someone is.

And, let’s face it, age exists simply to create yet another category to neatly package people into. It brackets us in a way that other parameters don’t seem to manage. It separates the generations, (each one thinks it invented sex first!) and we never seem to be able to understand why things are so bad “these days” when it was all so much easier, people were nicer and strawberrys had flavour “in our day”.

One of my favourite quotes is “times are changing, children don’t respect their parents and everyone is writing a book”….. it could be a phrase from today, but isn’t it interesting that it was originally recorded by Cicero, that well known Roman philosopher.

So, does age matter, is my friend really 50? or is it all some cute joke with a punchline we will finally get at the point of death!!! who knows, but in the meantime there are still those strawberries to consume.

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