A letter to myself

Dearest Linda

I’ve been meaning to send this letter for some time and as usual haven’t managed to fit into the busy schedule we both seem to have.  It’s meant to be one of those letters that is full of truth and meaning, but which in reality is full of trite stuff and nonsense that you will probably ignore, as you continue to work your own merry way through life.

Having said that though, I thought it might be worth trying to jot down those things I wish we’d both known when we were younger, before life took hold and we picked up the virus’s of the mind that affect us.  So here goes:

  1. know that it’s OK to say ‘No’ and people won’t hate you forever if you do
  2. know that it’s OK to stop and take a breath before plunging in regardless
  3. know that it’s OK to just stop, stare and smell the roses
  4. know that it’s OK to take a break sometimes
  5. know that the choices you made were good at the time, even if they did turn out to be wrong later on
  6. know that life is about a series of gates which we can choose to go through or not, it’s up to us
  7. know that you are liked by many and loved by a very special few
  8. know that life, when you choose to live it, is for living
  9. know that it’s OK to be unique, to have different opinions, values and ethics
  10. know that others are, on the whole, good and that they live their lives the best they can too
  11. know that taking time to count the stars is just as good a use of time as anything else might be.

So that’s it really. Maybe the very act of writing these things down may mean that they remain in your memory for a wee while at least.  But if they don’t at least this letter is somewhere you can come back to when you need reminding that you are OK and pretty nice person as well.

With much love always



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