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This weeks Thursday Throng interview is a real corker with a free copy of the book in either pdf or .Mobi (suitable for the Kindle) format for one lucky commenter AND  a Kindle Fire up for grabs on Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar’s blog. She is a South Asian American who has lived in Qatar since 2005.

Moving to the Arabian Desert was good in many ways, since that is where she met her husband, had a baby, and made the transition from writing as a hobby to making it her full-time gig. She has published three e-books this year: Mommy but Still Me, So You Want to Sell a Million Copies, and Coloured and Other Stories. Since she joined the e-book revolution, she has dreamed in plotlines.

Love Comes LaterLove Comes Later is a beautifully precise and observed examination in fictional format of the ‘arranged marriage’ in the Arab culture of Qatar. Although there is no ‘force’ involved, a great deal of family pressure is brought to bear on young men and women whatever their level of education and status in the community. The story weaves a plot that splits the action between Doha and London, providing a fascinating contrast between the different cultural mores. With central characters who are Qatari Muslim and Indian Hindu, the scene is set to explore culture in a way I have certainly never considered.

I read this in one sitting because I was captivated by the story, my own cultural prejudices were being challenged and as a result my own perspective has shifted significantly. Many people unfamiliar with the cultural background of Qatar will be amazed at the similarities as much as the differences and I suspect, that many people living life in this Gulf State will simply nod in agreement as they recognise aspects of themselves and others in the characters Mohanalakshmi describes.

This is a tale of many contradictions, those between love, and family responsiblity, cultural acceptance and prejudicial bigotry, betrayal and forgiveness. I thoroughly enjoyed it and suspect that this will be a book I will return to time and again as there will be nuances that I missed the first time round.

Mohanalakshmi RajakumarHello Mohanalakshmi and welcome today’s interview, I’d like to start by asking you ‘What is one thing that no-one would usually know about you’

I never learned how to ride a bike as a kid. By the time I was a teenager and several people tried, gravity won out!

What did the worst review you ever had say about you and your work?

Someone accidentally mis-tagged Love Comes Later recently, admitted to not having read it, but refused to change it. That was frustrating and hurtful because the person didn’t seem to care the effect he/she was having on potential readers and after I had worked really, really hard for three years to get the story right. (Linda’s Aside: I think we all understand that one … 😉

Have you ever written naked?

I tend to write in the university library (there’s very little hope of me getting any serious work done at home), so no, I can’t say that I have. Or that I will anytime in the future without risking arrest or giving the librarians a heart attack!

Who would you like to play you in a film of your life?

Ooooo… I’d like the Mindy Kaling, the actor who plays Kelly Kapoor on The Office. She’s hilarious and I would love to see in the more ironic parts of my life – like being the only Indian girl in my dorm or being mistaken for a nanny when I’m out with our toddler in Qatar.

Are you jealous of other writers?

We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t feel tinges of envy now and then – would we? So there’s no point in pretending the green monster doesn’t come knocking now and then – especially if it’s someone you know personally. But when someone else has success, for the most part, it motivates me rather than makes me angry. See, she did it, I think, which encourages me, and I try to learn the backstory, not the “overnight success” version the media tries to push.

What is your favourite TV moment of all time?

The AMC show The Killing had me spellbound on a 14-hour plane ride. I watched 10 episodes straight – as in back to back – I couldn’t sleep. And even weeks after, lines, images, music from the show stayed with me.

How to get copy of Love Comes Later and enter the draw for a Kindle Fire

If I’ve tempted you enough with my review of Love Comes Later, or you’ve been intrigued by Mohanalakshmi’s interview, why not leave a comment and put yourself in the way of being the person that get’s the chance of a free copy.

If you would like to be entered into the draw for a Kindle Fire, then all you need to do is visit: and follow the instructions.

Where to buy the book and find out more about Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar

You can meet Mohanalakshmi on her website at:, you can also connect with her on Twitter @moha_doah

If you would like to get a copy of Love Comes Later then you can find it on Amazon in the UK and on Amazon in the US too, you’ll also find my reviews of Mohanalakshmi’s Book on Amazon in the US, the UK and on Goodreads too.


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  1. Hi Linda

    Yes the email has come through, thanks (although I haven’t started reading it yet) Sadly the lottery ticket didn’t come up otherwise I would most certainly be reading the book by now…..on the beach!1 😀

  2. Hi Elaine, you should have had an email by now asking for your contact details. Do let me know if it hasn’t arrived.

  3. I just get too frightened to go to bed when I read or watch horror, have nightmares for weeks after … 🙁

  4. I understand perfectly. I’d like to read it too, but I rarely even watch horror movies. Was hoping I could cheat with a review instead 😀

    I promised him I’ll read it though, so I’m sure I will get around to it!

  5. Hi Patricia, firstly you’re welcome I like to mention people I come across and like 🙂 Secondly, you’re in the draw and hope you get the kindle fire too and finally I think you pronounce is Moh-hana-lack-shs-me – perhaps Mohana might be able to tell us more though.

  6. Thanks for the compliment Nifti, glad you enjoyed the interview. I’ve come across Brandon through Friday Fictioneers, I might send him a message. I’m happy to do interviews with all authors, it’s just the reviews I don’t want to do with horror as I can’t bring myself to read the genre.

  7. Excellent interview Linda. There is one book I’d like to read your review of, and an interview of the author too. It’s Adam Ickes book, a Friday fictioneer participant. Written under the pen name Brandon Scott. He writes horror though…

  8. Hi, Linda –

    I am fascinated by stories such as this; learning about different cultures and spiritualities.
    I also liked Mohanalakshmi’s comment about (not) bike riding!!
    Do you have a phonetic pronunciation of ‘Mohanalakshmi’? I am trying to ‘get it’ to flow but I cannot – maybe she has a nickname??
    Please enter my name in the draw for this book, (now I am over to the Kindle Fire draw!)
    Thank you, Linda.

    P.S. I really like Mohanalakshmi’s dress! (Off topic, I know)
    P.S.S. Thank you for the mention of my blog in your blogroll (I think that’s the correct term). It is quite exciting to see!

  9. Hi Linda, another tempting interview! This didn’t sound like a book that I would normally pick up to read, but having read this interview I’m definitely hooked. Like a lot of people in ‘the West’ I tend to assume that the words ‘arranged’ and ‘forced’ are interchangeable so I’m looking forward to having my prejudices and assumptions challenged. Thanks again!