Welcoming Chris Reardon, author of Obstacles

This week I’d like to say hello to Chris Reardon a student from Western Michigan University. As well being an author, he’s a musician playing several instruments and a tennis sportsman. He loves the science fantasy genre because it always takes you on a journey.

The Review

obstaclesObstacles is a truly different book. It seems to be part novel, part fantasy, part adventure novel and part parable. It’s this unusual combination of elements together with its very different premise that makes it a compelling read.

Just imagine if you had the power to change someone’s life. But, in order to do so you had to forfeit your own. Would you do it? I’m not sure I would. It is complicated even more by the fact that in order to make the ultimate sacrifice you had to pass a series of trials first. If you don’t then you can’t offer yourself to the eternal void.

This is what happens to our hero and his companions in Obstacles. There is a twist in the tale, which very neatly forms a perfect figure of 8 as it loops back on itself again and I guarantee you won’t see it coming.

A challenging, well-written and captivating read that will ask you to consider that question for yourself.

The Chris Reardon Interview

chris reardon What is one thing that no-one would usually know about you?

I really want to learn how to rock climb, but I also have a massive fear of heights!!

Where do you find your inspiration?

I honestly don’t know how I get inspired to write. When I have an idea I like, I just decide to go with it. If I stop liking it, then I stop writing. I won’t keep going until I have more ideas. They can really come from anywhere.

Do you have any hints or tips for aspiring writers?

For aspiring authors, I would definitely say go for it! Don’t be too hard on yourself!! People tend to be their own harshest critic when they should be their biggest fan. Work hard to make something great, but don’t expect the impossible out of yourself. You’re going to make mistakes!

What is the single biggest challenge you faced when writing your book?

The biggest challenge I faced when writing my book was wondering what would happen! I honestly did not know how I wanted the story to turn out. That made things very difficult to continue forward. At some point, I had to tell myself to make a decision. Otherwise, I couldn’t really move forward with anything.

What was the most important thing you learned at school?

The most important thing I’ve learned is that you can’t please everyone. Each person is different and comes from their own different world. They’re all going to want their own unique things, and there’s no way to give them all exactly what they’re looking for. You just have to go with what feels right.

Are there any habits you wish you didn’t have?

I have a horrible problem with double checking things! If I keep doing this, I’m going to stop trusting myself the first time. Then, I won’t trust myself the second time! It’s a very bad habit that needs to stop.

Perseverance is the biggest thing I had to learn. Nobody is going to do everything for you. You have to learn to push yourself to do it. It’s much more tempting to give up, but you need to power through that. Otherwise, you’ll really never accomplish anything.


Where can I find out more about Chris and his book?

You can find Obstacles in Kindle and paperback format here:

You can also meet his on


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  1. I’ve read Obstacles and it is an amazing book! Love that I was able to learn more about Chris Reardon, himself, through this Q&A. Wonderful post.