The Thursday Throng Author Interview with Wendy Knee, author of Never Die Wondering

This weeks guest on the Thursday Throng is Wendy Knee, the author of two books, Never Die Wondering and Get Cracking.  She is working on a third, a travelogue and memoir called Travels with Granny and is due to finish her fourth very soon. She is also a co-founder of the Charmouth Literary Festival, which will be taking place on 8th September at Charmouth in Dorset.

Is there something that you would like to do before you die? If so, what stops you? Never Die Wondering is the book that can help you feel able to take the first steps and set the wheels in motion. You will not be able to ignore the knowledge that you have gained on how to make things possible.

The title came from a conversation that Wendy had with her Father when she was a teenager, apparently he said to both his daughters that they should never die wondering and it was only as she got older that she understood what he meant and began to act on it.

I was fortunate enough to receive a copy when it was first published and I loved it, Wendy does a great job of explaining why it’s important to make the most of the life we have and to and the illustrations are perfect, capturing the essence of Wendy herself. It is specifically written for the over 40’s but I’d defy anyone to learn from it as it helps to remind you that the way you think dictates what happens in life, encouraging you to get out of your comfort zone and take action.

Hi Wendy, My first question is ‘What is One thing that No-One Normally Knows About You?’

I like to be organised.  I have an outward carefree nature but I like order.  And I love Bellini’s – Champagne and peach juice served to perfection in Harry’s Bar in Venice.

Have you ever wished that you could be or do anything else instead of writing, and if so what?

I love words, so working in any field relating to words.

Do you think there is any elitism attached to the different genres of books, both in the fiction and non-fiction worlds?

I used to and perhaps there still is but it is an intellectual élite which can be used to upstage the less well read.

Have you ever written naked?

No – but I quite like the idea as a project.  Get out of your comfort zone and all that.

What is the single biggest challenge you faced when writing your book?

Finishing it.

How do you remain sane while working?

Don’t look at your emails.  Don’t allow procrastination to take over, eg domesticity.

What has been the best experience you have ever had in your life?

Cycling the Camino St Jacques.  It was the first time that I took myself off for two months by myself for myself and I wrote every day about my experiences and never published it – now I ask myself why not – it was the most incredible experience.

What is the strangest thing you have ever had to do to promote a book?

I read about Dan Brown filling his camper van up with copies of The De Vinci Code and driving around America selling it.  I want to do that!  My promotions are tame in comparison, selling in cafe’s and local bookshops, sitting in empty bookshops on a ‘promotion’ night and then going out into the street myself to tell people to come in and see the book.  It actually worked!

If you could commit the perfect murder where would you hide the body?

I’d just tip it over the cliff into the vegetation.

Where to buy the book and find out more about Wendy

You can find Wendy online on her website at: She can also be found on Twitter at: and on Facebook at:

If you would like to get a copy of Never Die Wondering then you can find it on Amazon in the UK and on Amazon in the US too.


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