Rob Kaufman, Author of One Last Lie is my Thursday Throng Interview


Welcome once again to my Thursday Throng interview and this week it’s my great pleasure to introduce you all to Rob Kaufman, the author of One Last Lie and In the Shadow of Stone.

one last lie rob kaufmanPhilip and Jonathan have had the perfect life together for ten years – fulfilling every dream except that of having a child. When they are presented with a perfect opportunity to use a form of artificial insemination with an old friend of Philip’s they jump at the chance, after all, she’s successful, good-looking and a friend. However, Angela is not all she seems to be and old tensions begin to arise causing the near perfect life to unravel at a frightening rate and with tragic consequences.

I read Rob’s novel in one sitting whilst I was on holiday as it held me captive until I got the final shocking, surprising ending; I couldn’t put it down. He has skillfully woven the psychological impact and breakdown of one person upon others through a story which is perfect for our times today. The novel calls you to question all sorts of attitudes and assumptions you may have made about the world, life and the way it all ‘should‘ be and then challenges them so cleverly that you can’t fail to be changed in some way when you’re finished. Rob’s way of telling the story in flashback adds to the drama and the suspense; I’d thoroughly recommend this book to anyone interested in how the various human traits of desire, lust and jealousy can morph into something much more sinister, charm!

rob kaufmannHi Rob, it’s a pleasure to welcome you and my first question is ‘What is one thing that no-one would usually know about you?’ 

No one would know I’m a worrier. I pretty much come off calm, chilled out, at ease with my surroundings and the people in it – when in reality, I’m ready to burst from the inside out.  The worrier in me definitely comes out in my writing and most people think that I’m artistically creating the idiosyncracies and neuroses of my characters. Little do they know, I’m writing about me!

What did the best review you ever had say about you and your work?

I actually had a review in which a woman said that I had messed up her entire sleep schedule because she couldn’t put the book down and HAD to finish it. She read through the night and finished at 6:30 AM. Plus, she actually called me evil: “Rob Kaufman you are an evil man, yes that’s right evil, how dare you write such a devastating yet great book (lol)”. I’ll take that as a compliment.

How did you choose a title for your book?

Like the words that pour out as I write the story, the same thing happens with the titles of my books. However, the title usually comes when I’m not trying to think of one. It will just pop into my head and I know it’s right. With “One Last Lie”, I was being hounded to call it “The Last Lie”. I went back and forth and just couldn’t change it. I’m happy with the way it worked out. (Linda’s Aside: I thought it was the perfect title, especially when you get to the very surprising ending!)

Are there any occupational hazards to being an author?

Well, supposedly sitting too long without moving is bad for one’s health. When I write, the only things that move are my fingers – not good for circulation, I’m assuming. However, I often tilt my head back in order to scream at the ceiling. I’m hoping that counts as exercise.

What is the single biggest challenge you faced when writing your book?

It’s cliché, I know, but writer’s block can seriously deter the process – and the sanity. With “One Last Lie” there was a five-month period where I didn’t write one word of the story. Every time I sat down to write, nothing would happen – no creative ideas, no possible turn to the story, no words to get me on the path. The anxiety would rise and I’d go through the same thing every day. Finally, one day, a Facebook friend who I hadn’t seen in 20 years said, “I loved your first book and I am desperately waiting for your second. Now write it already… damn it!” I can’t tell you what happened inside me, but I read that note and the rest is history.

Do you have any hints or tips for aspiring writers?

Understand that your family and friends will love your book. Unfortunately, you can’t listen to their opinions. It’s the reviews of those people you don’t know that decide whether your writing can be successful. I’m not saying that all reviewers are right in what they say… writing is too subjective for that. But if there is a majority “vote” one way or the other, you have to go with the majority since they are the ones who will buy your work. However, if you simply enjoy writing and don’t care whether or not you sell your book, then WRITE ON and don’t care what anyone says!

How do you remain sane while working?

I don’t. (Linda’s Aside: it’s great to find someone else equally mad)

What was the most important thing you learned at school?

Not to mix Amaretto with Canadian Club. (Linda’s Aside: Always very useful I find :-)

Tea, Coffee, Water, Juice, Wine or Beer … which do you prefer when writing?

Honestly, I only drink AFTER I write. I cannot do anything but write while writing. No noise, no music, no television, no drinking, no eating. It’s all about the writing. And when I’m done, it’s time to celebrate – usually with a Cosmo!


Where to buy the book and find out more about Rob Kaufman

You can meet Rob online on his website at:; you can find him on Facebook at: and Twitter at: @RobKaufmanCT and he also hangs out on Goodreads at:

If you’d like to grab yourself a copy of One Last Lie, you can pick it up from Amazon in the UK here, and Amazon in the US here. It’s available in both Kindle and Paperback format, if you happen to have an account with Barnes and Noble, then you can also grab a copy there as well.


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