Meeting Gloria Mattioni, author of Dakota Warrior

 Gloria Mattioni is a reckless woman. We know this because of some of the answers she’s shared in her interview. We also know it because she’s the author of two books – one about James R. Weddell and the other a book about 9 KickAss Women ….! Read on with caution – she might just influence you too.

The Review

Dakota Warrior is the true story of how one man and one woman overcame institutionalized racism and a flawed judicial system with the help of a global audience. It is passionate and can leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that it is possible for just one person to create massive change. The underlying message of the story though, is that it’s important to have faith in the cause you are upholding and tenacity in the face of the legions who prefer the status quo.

This isn’t an historical account. It’s real, it’s happened within our own time-frame and it’s a story that’s replicated amongst minority groups worldwide. In other words, this book could be a blueprint for how others can fight the same issues. Well done Gloria for what you’ve achieved and well done to the spirit of James Weddell who never gave up believing that justice would be served.

The Gloira Mattioni Interview

gloria mattioniWhat is one thing that no-one would usually know about you?

Almost nobody knows that I write poetry as well. There will be a few in my next book, a novel written in different styles switching from narrative to screenplay to other forms of writing.

What did the best review you ever had say about you and your work?

My favorite review of Dakota Warrior is the last published on the Amazon page that I repost here:

I highly recommend this compelling and captivating story told from the heart of two amazing warriors. I really enjoyed reading this book loaded with compassion, friendship and justice. Dakota Warrior opens the door to the life of a minority that has been mistreated for centuries and how the power of meaningful coincidences resulted in the miraculous. May the memory of James R. Weddell resonate forever in the pursuit of freedom.

How did you choose a title for your book?

The title was the easiest thing. It sums up the essence of the person whose life is told in the book. Bravery, fortitude, generosity and wisdom are the fourth virtues required to Lakota warriors. James had them all. I chose “Dakota” instead of Lakota because in his own tribal language, the “l” is pronounced “d”.

Have you ever wished that you could be or do anything else instead of writing, and if so what 

Oh yes. And I never stopped. I wish I could be an explorer, an astronaut, a tree hugger and many other things. Some of them I am, together with being a writer.

Who would you like to play you in a film of your life 

I think Charlize Theron. I have a lot of respect for her choices, and I appreciate the fact that she isn’t afraid of changing her beautiful appearance if te script requests it, like she did in “Monster”.

Are you jealous of other writers?

Never. Opposite, I’m always trying to encourage aspiring writers and I am happy about the successes of already affirmed ones. Writing is a powerful personal expression. I wish everybody could enjoy it. I am very fond of people who dare to self-publish their manuscripts, a non-existing possibility when I started.

What is the book that you wished you had written?

“Savages” by Don Winslow. It is really innovative and beautifully crafted. Winslow is one of my favorite writers , unafraid of taking risks and experimenting.

Have you ever written naked?

I certainly wrote naked. But that’s not big news since I’m known to wander around the house naked at all times. I’m just totally oblivious to nudity.


Dakota WarriorWhere can you find out more about Gloria and Dakota Warrior?

You can find Dakota Warrior in Kindle and paperback format here:

You can also meet her:


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