rita louise The Dysfunctional Dance Of The Empath And Narcissist

Meet Rita Louise, author of The Dysfunctional Dance Of The Empath And Narcissist

Rita Louise has been sharing her thoughts on my Thursday Throng author interview. Her book The Dysfunctional Dance Of The Empath And Narcissist takes an in-depth look at the dynamics between the loving, compassionate, and often selfless empaths and those willing to take from them, the self-serving narcissists, and endeavors to uncover the unconscious patterns that keep them trapped in cycles of abusive, toxic relationships.What is one thing people wouldn’t usually know about you?

That I am very approachable. And once they start talking to me they realize that I am authentic, fun loving and humorous.

What did your best review say about your work?

If you are a person such as myself that has been abused (mentally). This book is an education and a means to help you on a path. It allows you to work through and identify areas that you may not know you are having.

Mixing her vast knowledge of science/spiritual/history/ancient myth into a weave of getting at your own truth if you allow that knowledge in. If you are willing to open that area of your soul. A portion of the book is referencing relationship as a couple, I also urge you to look at this also in relationships that you have with others, parents, siblings, coworkers, friends. These can be just as debilitating as a relation with a lover or partner. I am right there with you, my parents, siblings, and friends.

Through the use of this book/workbook, you can find your inner guidance, your means to become happier healthy and whole within yourself. Through the later part of the book gives a wonderful insight into how you can choose to be a happier/healthier person. You may want to revisit these ideas/thoughts throughout your life as you find new and deeper meaning and ways to become happier/healthier.

While this is a heavy subject matter Dr. Rita Louise crafts a book that deals with the subject matter with a light-hearted twist. So why not give it a go.

How did you choose a title for your book?

I came up with a few ideas and then did a survey on Facebook to see which ones resonated the best.

Do you think there is any elitism attached to different book genres?

I write only non-fiction. Depending on the title/subject matter, there can be sexism involved, but I have not noticed elitism.

What is the biggest challenge you faced when writing your book?

Spelling! I am a bit dyslexic. Did I spell that right?

Do you have any hints or tips for aspiring writers?

Listen to your heart and follow your dreams. My dad has written two books, which if you knew him is hard to believe. His formula was to write one or two sentences a day. If my dad could do it, so could you!

What has been the best experience of your life so far?

Figuring out how to be happy daily. That was elusive to me for years.

What was the most important thing you learned at school?

How to not give up even in the face of adversity.

Do you have a favourite writing resource to share with my readers and other writers?

For me Grammerly has been a life saver.

Are there any habits you wish you didn’t have?

When writing, I have really bad posture and cross my legs. My chiropractor can tell when I have been working hard at my desk.

If you could commit the perfect murder where would you ‘bury’ the body?

I wouldn’t bury it. I’m a big Forensic Files watcher. My favorite method of getting rid of the body was the wood chipper. Smart but ewwww….

rita louise The Dysfunctional Dance Of The Empath And NarcissistWhere can I find out more about Rita and her book?

You can find The Dysfunctional Dance Of The Empath And Narcissist in paperback and Kindle format.

You can meet Rita on her website here: https://soulhealer.com


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