Vaginal hysterectomy for prolapse – success! – Sue’s story

I had a vaginal hysterectomy for prolapse. As a fit and active 62 year old I was horrified to discover I had a prolapsed bowel and even more horrified to be referred to an incontinence clinic! I was not, and thankfully never had been incontinent.

I followed a pelvic floor exercise programme at home which really helped and went to see a gynaecologist who discovered I also had a prolapsed womb and slight prolapsed bladder; he recommended a vaginal hysterectomy and other internal procedures to lift and suture the bowel and bladder prolapses and also to do a perineum repair. It was all due to childbirth and the menopause – the female body is not fit for having children!! I was in shock! I didn’t feel unwell but didn’t want the prolapses getting worse and possibly needing more invasive surgery in the future. I decided to go ahead and had confidence in the surgeon and what he had to do.

I was warned that I needed to invest 12 weeks of recovery time in myself and to really rest and take things slowly. My husband has been amazing and has done everything to make my recovery as easy as possible. My two daughters have been very supportive too.

Following the operation I only felt discomfort in the perineum area due to the work done there. I had a catheter but no pack inside the vagina. I was able to get up the next morning and went home that afternoon. I was very careful sitting down and didn’t lift anything, still not doing anything heavy and won’t do again. Daytime TV, magazines and box sets filled my days. I was also able to walk easily straight away.

I completed the 1 mile in 3 weeks easily and the 3 miles in 6 weeks without any trouble.

This week I had my six week check and the consultant said everything was good and he only had to pop a stitch where it had adhered to the skin. Not painful, just a small ‘pop’ sensation.
I can honestly say that I have not had any pain and would not have known I had had anything done apart from the perineum repair.

I was very scared before the surgery as it was all so unknown (and almost cancelled it twice!) and am now very pleased I went ahead with it. I am still taking things easy but gradually getting back to doing normal things. I hope this helps someone else going through a situation like this.

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  1. Thank you all for posting your encouraging experiences. I am almost 10 weeks post TAH for prolapse and I’m regretting having the surgery. I have a bladder injury, was readmitted a week after surgery for incontinence and that’s when the injury was found. My hemaglobin was 7.5 due to hematoma and I rec’d 2 units of blood. This surgery has had such a negative impact on my life, my family. I have a foley in and I’m scheduled for a bladder repair on Tuesday. I am having a very difficult time having a BM and passing gas. I miss my life. I can’t go on walks with my husband like we used to. I feel pressure in the lower pelvic region and worry my bowels are in a ball at the bottom of my abdomen. I’m worried are obstruction. I feel having a hysterectomy was a very bad decision. I feel I will never get my life back. You all made me feel like I’m not alone and give me hope that I will recover. You all have given me hope for the future; that I will someday not only get my life back, but enjoy life again. Thank you so much for sharing your encouraging stories.

  2. Hi Rosi
    Just seen your comment and I am hoping that all went well for you. I so hope you are taking care of yourself and that you are feeling well.
    I am now five months plus and life is good! I have been on two holidays and feel grateful for being able to walk around and enjoy life.
    I will always be careful and don’t lift anything heavy and am won’t be doing much in the way of exercise except for walking for at least a year as I want all the work the surgeon did to stay put and really not come undone.
    Take care and let everyone else look after you x

  3. Thank you very much for sharing your experience. I’m going have an op tomorrow same as yours and yes we feel scared of the unknow. I will take your advise and take care of myself. Thank you! have a good Day!! xxx