Unlucky Midwife – Rosie’s Story

I have had regular periods all my life without any gynaecological problems, and I have not ever been pregnant. From 2003 I understand that I had a small fibroid which grew into 72mm x 70mm in size. This caused me a pain sometimes when I had my periods, and my gynaecologist decided that I needed to have a hysterectomy, but I did not agree with him. Instead I wanted to have a myomectomy. (ie to remove the fibroid only).

However my gynaecologist disagreed, saying that at your age of 50 years, that I did not need my uterus any more. Finally after a long pause I agreed to have an abdominal hysterectomy, but to keep my ovaries. I had a quick recovery from the operation, but after my recovery I started to have a severe pain in my operation area with a feeling that there was an internal sensation of burning, a stabbing pain shooting up to my face, electric shock, a lot of itching, numbness like a toothache, and “creepy crawlies” in my abdomen scar area.

When I carry any shopping there is a feeling as if the shopping is hanging in my abdominal operational area. Externally it looks good, but inside there are these horrible feelings which have endured for more than four years and totally changed my character and life-style and my ability to work again. Before I only had a pain when I had a period, but now the pain is constant and persistent, and affects my sleep severely. When I spoke to my gynaecologist subsequently he said that this is a “side-effect” of this operation.

Please, could you help me, do your readers have any suggestions as to how I can reduce and get rid of these horrible sensations that I endure daily?


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  1. Just as an update I have had a second opinion, and the specialist said that in the first instance, I did not need to have a hysterectomy, and has suggested that I probably have “resistant ovaries”, because I had a regular period before my op. She has recommended me for the Pain Clinic and to have a Laparascopy only if I still have a pain after attending the Pain Clinic, to try and understand what my problem really is. Thanking you once again for your kind help. Yours faithfully, Rosie

  2. Hi
    I’m sorry to hear of your pain, but I’m also very concerned because I am 13 days post op, I had a laparoscopic subtotal hysterectomy but I am getting similar symptoms. A few days ago I started getting a terrible burning pain near my left side scar and severe stabbing pains. It got so bad yesterday I went to A and E where I spent 5 hours having blood tests, a CT SCAN , etc the doctor thought it was infection, but everything came back negative. Her conclusion was it was where the nerves had been cut through and will get better, I was sent home to rest more and take painkillers. Today the I feel even worse because the pain and burning seems to be linked to when I put pressure on my left leg, which includes, sitting, standing and walking. Has your doctor given you any answers to the specific cause? How do you control the pain?