Total Hysterectomy – LaTrice’s Story

I’m 36 years old a wife, mother of four and am currently serving active duty in the army for the past 7 years. I have abnormal periods but extremely painful! However, a breast examination sent me to my ob/gyn which informed that I would need a total hysterectomy removing my uterus and cervix.

I haven’t told anyone that I work with only my family and husband knows I’m terrified I’ve heard so many stories of women having extreme pain, low sex drive, depression and inability to really do anything. Due to my age I’m told I will experience menopause in 5 years. Needless to say this is the scariest thing ever for me and I’ve been deployed and this by far is the worse. I’m scheduled for surgery in 5 days I pray that all goes well and I have a speedy recovery.


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  1. hi ladies I’ve been having a really heavy periods sore abdominal pain feeling dizzy and fainting most of the time, I’ve decided to have a total hysterectomy, cause I have tried contraceptive pills etc, any advice

  2. You are welcome and I appreciate that very much, it’s my pleasure to protect and serve.

  3. I’m 10 days post op and I must say it’s been better than I thought. My family is such a support system and my husband makes sure I stick to the doctors orders which at times I wish he didn’t but I know it’s for the best. My doctor said I was progressing very quickly which is great I still have some pain and burning but I handle it with over the counter pain meds. I battle with fatigue which I know is normal and now my back is starting to hurt me and my husband gives me massages but they are pretty painful but I know I will be able to handle that to. So far so good!

  4. Thank you to everyone that shared there stories and for the support it really helps and made me feel comfortable. I had my hysterectomy 3-18-2014 which didn’t go off without a hitch it was suppose to be a vaginal hysterectomy and turned out I had to be have a abdominal hysterectomy that took over 6 hours needless to say within the first 24 hours of recovery I was walking and less than 48 hours I was using the bathroom and 72 hours later I was at home recovering. It’s been 5 days and I’m still a bit tired which I’m resting and have been having some acid reflux issues but tums has been helping with that I’m grateful to have such a great support system which allows me o rest, relax and do nothing. I’m still in a little pain only on my right side which he had to cut through the muscle on that side which is causing pain but nothing I can’t handle. My doctor and nurses said that I was moving really fast and progressing quicker than they anticipated so that was a bonus now I’m fighting back the temptation of cleaning, cooking and playing with the kids I know I still have to take it easy being only 5 days post op.

  5. I was 48 when I had a total abdominal hysterectomy almost 2 years ago now, due to the misery of heavy periods and fibroids. I was really scared, but no need to be as I was in hardly any pain at all I took only paracetamol from the day after the op for a few days. I now hav a neat scar at my bikini line. I still feel elated that I don’t have periods anymore and feel fantastic. Best thing I ever did! You do need to rest though, and do as they tell you although I did slowly walk round the block from day 2 or 3 post op, and built it up from there. I was given HRT patches on my release from hospital which are eoestrogen only, I was told they are necessary as I’m under 53 and need the eostrogen and if I didn’t have the patches i would have gone into an immediate surgical menapause and didn’t fancy that on top of recovery. I’ve been on evorell 50 patches since and had no problems whatsoever, please don’t worry. It is a big op but not painful and you get your life back! Good luck. Let me know how it all goes.

  6. LaTrice, I really felt for your message. There are so many stories and experiences good and bad that are shared; it can become a bit overwhelming. Don’t be scared now that you have decided to go with the surgery. I feel sure you are fitter and more organised than most of us, and that this will help you hugely get through this. It is probably going to be uncomfortable and there is a time for enjoying DVD’s (or whatever you enjoy) and letting the body heal itself, while all the good arrangements that you put in place beforehand will kick in. Best wishes.

  7. I am a 53 mother of 2 and had a abdominal sub total hysterectomy in June 2012, I spent 4 days in hospital and can say only after the initial post op pain it was ok, although I did have 8 weeks off work so was able to rest up properly. I was put on HRT immediately and have not looked back since and pleased I had the procedure done but most of all do not dread that week in every month!

  8. Hi LaTrice I was 40 when I had a total hysterectomy as I had cancerous cells. They advised, when at home to rest when possible & if able go on little walks. Even if only around the garden. It helps get the anaesthesia out of your system quicker. I didn’t have hrt and have used homeopathic medicine such as black cohoosh & sage. I’m doing fine. I now go to the gym regularly to help my bones stay strong. Your career will mean you are fit and strong will will help your recovery. Please don’t worry about the surgery. And if in pain take the painkillers, then once you are home you will soon find you won’t need them. Good luck & you will find after all the pain you have been suffering for years, it’s a relief.

  9. I had a total one 2 years ago I felt no pain at all not even afterward . This site gave me a lot of support . I hope you do as well as I did. I think you will be fine . Will be praying for you. I wish you luck and everything good.

  10. Hi! I hope the following will re-assure you….
    I am 4 years post abdominal hysterectomy at the age of 45. My surgery went extremely well, I was out of hospital after 48 hours.
    I would totally recommended you do as the advice says post hysterectomy as this will make for a faster recovery in the long-term.
    My ovaries are now I suspect beginning to fail as I am now in the peri-menopausal phase of life. My sex drive was never huge, so for me nothing has changed. You will discover wonderful things that help with the odd moments in life that make you blame your hysterectomy. So for the future, just in case it happens…here is what I have found works for me:- “Yes, Yes, Yes” a very natural product for those odd moments when you want intercourse faster than your body is able to make its natural lubrication.
    “Promensil” an alternative to HRT. It helps regulate those menacing moods and hot flush moments in life.
    Maintain a good healthy diet and exercise and my experience has all been positive, I got my life back after 10 years of horrendous bleeding that controlled my life.
    Look upon this time as a transition period to getting your life back on track.

  11. Hi Latrice, just to put your mind at ease, I had a total hysterectomy 15 months ago, the best thing I have ever done, my sex drive has gone through the roof, I have more enegy than ever and have never felt so good. Take each day as it comes and you will be fine.

  12. Please don’t worry as I had a full hysterectomy by key hole last July at 43 years. I was so surprised at how comfortable I felt after the op? I had painkillers for 24 hours and then after that I didn’t need anymore? Obviously it feels a bit sore but nothing like I imagined it would be? My only advice would be make sure you do rest as this is essential to your recovery and follow the guidelines. You say you will go through the menopause in 5 years? Are you not considering HRT then as you are so young? My only negative point is that 8 months on my HRT still isn’t working properly and I struggle with my focus and memory and feel very tired. So I would recommend finding a good doc with lots of HRT experience? Good luck and I am sure you will be fine? Xx

  13. LaTrice,

    I forgot to thank you for serving your country, our Armed Forces personnel need and deserve our support. I was never able to serve as I failed the medical back in the 1960’s, but my late father saw service in Burma during WWII and I am an Honorary Friend member of the Burma Star Association in the Midlands, you can always look us up on Facebook and see what we do.

    Very best wishes


  14. Hi LaTrice,

    Ok, I know I’m a fella, but my wife had surgery almost 12 months ago for removal of uterus and cervix. She was suffering with a severe prolapse at the time and was in permanent discomfort. Within weeks of her surgery she was feeling better than she had for several years. She has more energy, no pain and definitely has not lost her sex drive. In fact she finds sex better now than before, and I’m not complaining either. I’m sure your husband will give you all the support you need by coming along to consults and being with you on the day of your surgery, my wife said this was the thing that helped her most. I found a terrific amount of useful info and support from the Hystorectomy Association and the comments left by others. I hope you get the same comfort from all the people here that I and my wonderful wife got. Good luck with your surgery, and don’t believe all the “old wives” tales. Take strength from those who have been there, done that and come out the other side with a smile on their face.

    Best wishes


  15. I had a radical hysterctomy 3months ago due to cancer at 48 i was scared had the op 12 dec was home 8 days later had a bad 4 days but after i got home i was fine with family support wont sugar coat it no support since i can home doc said he would c me 4-4-14 still in pain but i dont like taking tabs they make me sicker still swollen -get out of breath easly but because i have had time off work before op i have to go back to work but i know i wont be able to do it have to pay my bills no help there x

  16. Like LaTrice I was petrified of surgery – the operation itself, the consequences of hysterectomy and what life would be like afterwards. Three years on I feel good physically and mentally; for me it was the best thing to do. My ovaries appeared healthy so I kept those. At 55 (52 when I had the op) I am much older than LaTrice but I can only speak from my own experience – my sex life improved immensely and so did life in general, without the pain and heavy blood loss of fibroids. Convalescence was not without it’s problems but with the help and support of family and friends I got through it. Everyone is different – and I am still waiting for the menopause to kick in fully!
    All the best LaTrice.

  17. Hi LaTrice, welcome to the site.

    I am so sorry to hear of your pending surgery and can totally empathise with your fear and anxiety. I am now 10 day post surgery after having a subtotal laparoscopic hysterectomy. I was told that my cervix should go however I done some research and spoke further with my consultant and decided it keep it which is obviously a very personal choice.

    Every woman has a very individual and personal recovery however mine has been far better than expected. I was horrified at some of the stories I had read and was panicking. As a single mum I just couldn’t see a way through it but I am glad to say that it couldn’t be further from the truth. Have a look at my post Natalie’s story – 3 days post surgery for more information on how it has gone to date.

    You will fine a massive source of support and strength from the wonderful women on this site who completely understand how you are feeling and what you are about to go through.

    Love and best wishes for your journey xx