Total hysterectomy age 40 – Lynn’s Story

Since I started my periods at age 13 I suffered from painful periods. The pain got gradually worse over the years. I tried every possible type of contraceptive to help with the pain including Depo-Provera injections and the Mirena Coil but nothing helped much. I had numerous scans and laparoscopies but other than a few lesions and small spots of endometriosis there was nothing to explain the pain I was in.

From age 30-37 the pain gradually worsened to the point that I had to go to casualty pretty regularly for morphine injections as it was the only form of pain relief that actually did relieve the pain. I have to say as well the nurses were often very unsympathetic, in-fact they thought I was exaggerating how bad it was…but I was climbing the walls. It was effecting my work and I was becoming depressed because it was so debilitating.

My partner (who I have been with now for 5 years) told me to see a Private Specialist and I booked a consultation. I had a laparoscopy and was told that my uterus was larger than normal for my age. While the consultant couldn’t confirm for sure he said it was quite possible that I had Adenomyosis. Adenomyosis is a condition in which the inner lining of the uterus (the endometrium) breaks through the muscle wall of the uterus (the myometrium). It can cause menstrual cramps, lower abdominal pressure, and bloating before menstrual periods and can result in heavy periods.

It made sense to me as it was the only possible answer left to explain all the pain, although my periods were actually very light and not heavy at all. I knew then that I would have to finally contemplate a hysterectomy and I was terrified.

I had a total hysterectomy just after my 40th birthday and I am now pain free and living a normal life. I was home in a few days and the worst of it was a bit of soreness. I felt instantly like a new woman and was fortunate enough not to notice any menopausal symptoms. I started on HRT a few weeks later which seemed to suit me but when I went back with a repeat prescription I was given a different brand of the same HRT. After a few days of taking it my joints really started to ache. I persevered for a few weeks but I could barely move by then and getting out of bed in the morning was a difficult task so I went back to my GP. I was given a different HRT and felt wonderful again after a few days.
Everyone is different but I put off having a hysterectomy for years. First and foremost in case I wanted to try and have a baby but also because I was so scared of the consequences of early menopause. Now my only regret is that I didn’t do it years ago!

When the biopsies came back after the op it was confirmed that I had ‘extensive’ Adenomyosis which I was told must have been causing me a great deal of pain :-O

To all you ladies suffering out there, my story has a very happy ending…….I hope yours does to.


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  1. I’m going in on the 16th of Dec I’m having a complete hysterectomy I am 39 years old I have some worries but I just want to be normal my biggest thing is my sex life going to take a hit or I’m I going to steal hurt and feel tired all the time ya I’m scared everything go’s through my mined

  2. Hi. I’m an almost 40 year old that will have a hysterectomy with removing my ovaries next week and everyone seems to disagree with my decision and be very opinionated about my decision. I suffer from PMDD. At least two weeks of my month every month I spend miserably and dreading my period that’s coming. Back aches, cramps, severe moodiness and irritable. As the months continue to come they seem to get worse. About 5 years I’ve been dealing with this. I am looking for stories like yours to give me a sense of comfort! I’m ready to have a “normal” life! And pray I made the right decision! Thanks for sharing

  3. Thank you all so much for posting here. I’m going in for a total hysterectomy next week. The decision was made yesterday. So far all I have heard about is the risks..nothing about how it has helped….until reading your story.
    I have extensive adhesions due to 2 major surgeries… Both ectopic pregnancies. My left ovary was removed faith the first and right ovary clamped..but 3 yes later I had an ectopic in my right tube. The tube was removed but ovary kept. I now have painful period..painful ovulation..and constant pain. I get cysts on my ovary. I will have all removed next week. They tell me how risky it is because I have adhesions. I just want to be pain free.

  4. Lynn,
    Thank you so much for your report. I’m waiting for my total abdominal hysterectomy date – should have happened before xmas I’m told. I’m 37 and I’m scared. Your story has brought a tear to my eye. I’ve suffered for a long time with adenomyosis and I’ve tried every non surgical option to no avail. I know that my life will be so much better after – that’s what I keep telling myself.
    Thank you for sharing, it helps a lot.

  5. Hi,

    Enjoyed very much reading Lynn’s story. I turned 40 in March 2014.

    I had my first op in 1996 due to having abdom pains & irregular periods & ovarian cysts were found. I had my right ovary & fallopian tube removed & had a procedure on my left ovary to prevent any other cysts growing on it.

    My 2nd op was Dec 2012 due to a mass of Ovarian Cysts.
    My 3rd op was May 2013 due to a mass of Ovarian Cysts.

    Both the above ops were performed by the same surgeon & the cysts were only drained & NOT removed, much to my utter dismay.

    I asked over & over to remove my ovary, but was told YOU ARE TOO YOUNG !!!

    I am unable to concieve.

    I had a scan in June as I knew I had more cysts due to abdom pain & was admitted into hospital last Thursday 21st of Aug with horrendous abdom pains due to the mass of cysts having grown since my last scan which was in June.

    I spoke to a fab surgeon whom I’ve never met before & he has brought my appointment forward from the end of Sept to next Monday 1st of Sept, due to him being annoyed at the fact that I haven’t been dealt with properly & the surgeon who did my ops in 2012/2013 only doing half a job.

    I told him I am dibilitated with this pain leaving me unable to drive & do most everyday tasks which is no good for anyone.

    I told him I wanted rid of everything & he agreed.

    He told me he would sort me out “THANK GOODNESS”

    I cannot wait. I’m so fed up of all this pain. :/

  6. Lynn, I have just read your story, which for me was a revelation. After over thirty years of severe pain & cramping, several visits to Gynaes & Obs, nothing was ever diagnosed. ( I am 44). In three weeks time, I am scheduled to finally have a Hysterectomy. To say I have had no quality of life since the birth of my baby girl over three years ago is an understatement. I lost my job on Maternity leave, didn’t get paid my basic entitlements etc and due to the Economy couldn’t find another job. I now know that I also suffered from PND but in hindsight, the truth of the matter is that my monthly cycles became more & more painful where I had to write off at least ten days of every 28 day cycle with cramps. I therefore only half heartedly searched as at the back of my mind, I wondered how I was going to realistically give 100% performance in any job. I don’t know how many social events I missed last year as I was constantly laid up and no amount of forward planning helped me. The most frustrating thing of all was when I started to miss yoga classes more frequently; these were what kept me sane during the long days spent at home with my daughter, so I eventually stopped subscribing. I started jogging also during this time which only proved pointless. I am now in pain more often than not and haven’t exercised in over four months. Last Thursday evening, I was bent over with cramps so bad, I couldn’t move and my daughter had wandered off out the front of the Garden & could no longer see her. Only for my sister calling at the time & my mobile being handy, I don’t know what would have happened. In all this time, your Blog was the first time ever that I heard the word Adenomyosis. I felt as if I’d written the blog myself! Apart from feeling elated, I also feel incredibly angry and let down that this was never suggested to me before now. On top of which, I was never reassured that I was making the right decision or that indeed a Hysterectomy would be the final solution to all this pain. More of an emphasis was placed on the risks which I had to park or I would never have agreed to go through with it. I am now counting the days to my surgery & though nervous, am only thinking ahead to getting a life back. While I may be recovering for most of the Summer, I actually don’t care as I’m just looking forward to being in better health to enjoy my daughter and the rest of my life! So a very big thank you, to you. I now know that its been very real all along. I therefore wish you every success and a speedy recovery.

  7. I go for my op on Monday 14/4/2014 I am also worried about how I will be after I have done so much research my head is spinning good luck Caty and I am so pleased lyn doing so well xx

  8. Just read Lynn’s story, I am just waiting for my date to come in. I am a very fit 43 years old, suffered from Endometriosis for the past 20 years. Eventually giving in and going for I a total Hysterectomy, and yes I am terrified of it. Everything is going through my mind about how long do I need to wait to I can do my fitness, will I put weight on, the whole aspect of going on HRT. I have read Lynn story and I feel so much better. I am just hoping that I feel the same way as Lynn does once I have my surgeory. I have read so many stories, some good and some bad. I worry about everything even, not feeling like a women again after the op. How my relationship with my husband will be. The usual things, anyway thank you for this.