There are other colours than black!!!!! – Lorraine’s story

I’m a 52 year old wife, mum and nanny and feel I’ve been only half the person I could be. My problems started after my last daughter was born, they diagnosed fibroids 5, 6mm ones…ok so what do we do? My consultant said nothing as I was 35 and usually they start to get smaller after the age of 40. I was told to try the mirena coil, as this could help.

Made the appointment to have it done and for the next 7 years (although it should of only been 5) my bleeding was little to none….Yippee.

Within this time we moved to Spain and started our new life, new jobs etc……life was great until I had the mirena removed and replaced with a new one. The new one just didn’t work, I started bleeding so heavy I was admitted into hospital and they took out 8 grapefruit size clots, but this wasn’t the first time and it wasn’t the last. Spain is a wonderful country but I was always worried about the medical side, this is a girl that doesn’t like dentist, doctors…..I’m just plain scared!

After 5 trips to emergency and being told my body couldn’t keep losing the amount of blood that it was, my blood levels were on the border of having a transfusion, and to be honest I had no strength and always very tearful. Enough……..why was I doing this! I don’t need it anymore….Hysterectomy was all I kept hearing, it will be for the best, best thing I ever done. You have your life back……etc.

So in January 2015 I took the plunge and said enough is enough and booked myself a hysterectomy.

The hospital booked me a course of injections to stop my periods and actually put me into the menopause so I could build up my blood levels, which worked and my appointment came through for May 22 2015.

After months of sleepless nights, endless panicking, tears the day arrived. Can’t say I was pleased….petrified I most certainly was but quite calm.

The last thing my granddaughter said to me was ‘Be brave Nanny and I love you’…..and that’s the last thoughts I had when I went down to theatre.

Everyone tells you so many scary stories of things that go wrong but I want ladies to know yes things can go wrong and it’s a big operation but a routine one, one they do hundreds of times a day.

The next few days were a bit hazy, sore but no pain to speak of,and after 3 days in hospital they let me go home.

I’m now into my 2 week of recovery…am I pleased I did….you bet…would I do it again…most definatly…although I’m still in recovery, I’ve had tears, I’ve had bad days I can see a future…with colour….I’m feeling stronger by the day and I know if I keep to the schedule ( passed on from another member I’m on the road to a full recovery.

Living in Spain is amazing and I’m very lucky, but there is no information in English at the hospital so this site is so valuable, all the information so far has been spot on and I’m so grateful for it.

My Future……well let’s just say it’s going to be very colorful …..and definitely no black!!!


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  1. Hi Jacqui…very interested to read your comments…….I live in Germany and cannot fault the Medical System here. there is always Follow-Up Physio etc. because we pay for our Services and basically can choose which Hospital, Surgeon etc. I also have a 8cm Fibroid pressing on my Bladder, have controlled the constant Need to pee because I use a “Pelvic Toner” device which I purchased some years ago in UK, and it helps. But have some months ago discussed with my Gynae about surgery, also had a 2nd opinion from a female doctor, both of whom advised surgery. Am 59 soon and have been on HRT for some years…April this year started reducing them gradually and almost at the end but am suffering Hot Flashes, tiredness, bad sleeping and Feeling fed up with myself, lack of concentration and our weather presently isnt helping…we have had 36degrees C for the past fortnight! only 25 today though. Most interested to read your advice about Homeopathic Treatments….Alternative medicine is widely respected here and most doctors have no Problem with it…..the Arnica and Calendula and Peppermint I will make note of . Sauerkraut Juice is used here for treating Constipation……UGH!! you have NO idea how disgusting it is……….Germans quite often do a FAST twice yearly and this stuff CLEANS OUT the System and Boy does it clean it out!!!!!..Drinking lots of water is not a Problem for me, my husband is like a Camel in that respect! Biking is like breathing to me, go everywhere on my bike…that would kill me not to be able to……Have an appointment in September to discuss the date for Operation, well the Information on this site is invaluable, though my German is good enough and my Gynae does speak English should I have any Problems. I will Keep reading These comments and make sure I am well prepared, as much as is possible. Güte Besserung alle zusammen!! Get well soon everybody!! Karen

  2. Hello val,
    I do hope that you operation was a success and you are feeling as well as can be expected. I had a hysterectomy 8 weeks ago including ovary removal. I am 56. I’ve made a very good recovery which I put down to good medical support, good support from family and friends and my belief in the use of alternative therapies, diet and exercise to support healing. I used hypnotherapy before my op to give me strength and confidence. I used homeopathy especially arnica and calendula to help internal healing, which my hospital supported and I hardly needed any pain relief which I’d been told can constipated you the thought of which filled me with dread as I’m sure you will understand. I can give you the number of my homeopath if this would help. I ate a diet that is high in fibre, drank loads of water including apple and prune juice which kept everything flowing well.
    I also had reiki which I was rather sceptical about it having used before but it really helped along with supplements of vitamin e, vitamin c and I needed iron as I was anaemic. I use spa tone from boots. Great and no constipation. The hysterectomy association was great source of info and through them I discovered sloggi pants which are fab for helping with swelling and discomfort.
    I was given exercises by the hospital physiotherapist and have done these every day along with short walks building up. I have this week gone back to my Pilates class, done a short bike ride and started short low impact exercise at the local sports centre.
    It’s not been all plain sailing. Hot flushes and night sweats are a problem but I’m trying the info from the Alternative to HRT ‘ book from the hysterectomy association.
    Managing the wind for the surgery which I found the most painful was something that took a week to clear properly. I tried to deal with it via peppermint and tummy massage. It did help. The hospital provided me with this on request.
    Watch energy levels . They can drop very quickly and without warning. Shaky legs was an issue for me right until last week.
    I’ve had a few teary moments but fortunately not on the scale that I have read for some women and overall I’m really pleased that I’ve had the operation.
    be kind to yourself and rest and listen to your body. I do wish you all the best for a full recovery.

  3. Thank you Lorraine, this is just what I needed to hear right now ! I go in for a total hysterectomy in 12 days time and I have been waiting and worrying for nearly 6 months. I have a 10 cm diam. fibroid which is pressing on bladder and bowel so it has to come out but I am scared and have read too many stories of what might go wrong. Also I am 72 years old. It is so good to hear a good outcome and very encouraging , as courage is what I am needing just now. Hope I do as well as you, wishing you all the best in your colourful future


  4. Your post is very positive & encouraging & it cheered me up this morning.. I am currently on day 5 of my recovery after a full abdominal hysterectomy. Pain is worse some days than others.. I elected to only take ibuprofen & co-codamol as I suffer from vertigo and didn’t want to chance it with opiates.. I also had a spinal block during the surgery as it helped with post-op pain in the first day or so.
    Good luck with your recovery, onwards and upwards!!