The Next Step – Do I take HRT?

Hi there. I am at a little bit of a loss. I am now 43 years old, when I was 30 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer (only 5mm) however the consultant gave me 2 choices, to have another baby with the obvious risks, or go for a full radical hysterectomy. I already have 2 children, I didn’t want to risk having another and opted for surgery the next week.

Surgery went without any complications, 3 days into my hospital stay my consultant said I was all clear, all very text book, however I still thought I could die and was preparing my family (not my children of course) that I may not see Christmas, it took a nurse, a few months later to tell me that I would never get cervical cancer again as I didn’t have a cervix .. sounds silly writing it down. Anyway I proceeded for the next 5 years to go back for my checks everything again was ok.

Over the last 10 years there have been quite a few challenges in my life which eventually took me to the doctors, who diagnosed me with depression and prescribed Fluoxetine – (I also have an eating disorder). I have been taking these tablets for about 16 months.

I have just today only read that a radical hysterectomy means that they have taken my ovaries as well .. (I think !!)

The dilemma I have now is I’m finding it hard to cope, the floxetine (Prozac) doesn’t seem to be helping – I have read snippets about HRT, however I don’t know where to start to what I should do next?


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  1. Perhaps you could try a doctor that prescibes bio-identiacl hormones. I have regular blood tests to check my hormone levels and a prscirption is written based on my blood work and any symptoms I am experiencing. for more information you could try Dr Colin Holloway website ( just googe him) as he has been the biggest help to me. he is a bit of an odd-bod but he knows his stuff and has helped a number of my friends and family also.

  2. Yep, have a chat with your GP about different types, brands and doses of HRT – unfortunately not everything suits everyone and you may well just not have got along with Premarin 🙂

  3. I am 54 years old and had a TAH BSO 10 months ago due to cancerous cells at the top of the womb. I have been suffering from hot flushes and terrible sweats which I get all the time. Three weeks ago, my GP prescribed Premarin but approx. 1 week after taking them, my stomach started to bloat, I had stabbing pains and felt really uncomfortable, I looked about 7 months pregnant so I have stopped taking it. Before my hysterectomy I had the mirena coil fitted and suffered with the same symptoms but as soon as it was removed, the symptoms ceased which is why I think it is the Premarin which has caused the same side effects.(The GP said it was IBS) Now I am back to the hot flushes and terrible sweats. Does anyone have any advice please, as it’s driving me mad.

  4. I had a hysterectomy and cystocele surgery Jan 2012 swiftly followed by retrocele surgery in June 2012. I kept my ovaries but they packed up within months of the surgery. Blood tests revealed non existent oestrogen levels and testosterone levels. I have not looked back since going on oestrogen HRT patches and androgen therapy (the latter only available privately). Low sex drive is common and sadly the NHS has no treatment for this other than candles and Barry White, which is frustrating as androgen therapy really works. Expensive so I think this is why the NHS will not fund it for women so many are condemned to miserable symptoms. Love the oestrogen patches had to tinker with dose due to armpit pain but no other problems and so easy to use I would recommend them to anyone. Herbal remedies are not proven and will only help with mild menopause symptoms.

  5. I had a hysterectomy almost 2 years ago. Almost killed me as I lost over 2 litres of blood and they had to remove my right ovary (not planned) to stop the bleeding. Took me months to recover as I have M.E. as well.
    I, too have an eating disorder, various antidepressants didn’t help at all but HRT did help. I still get depressed because the M.E. limits my life and mobility so much but I’m slowly learning to live with it. The antidepressants were really bad for my eating disorder, I was see-sawing between binge-eating and anorexia. I am rather too thin now but have started to feel in better health and more in control. I know I must eat more and stay in control of my eating (or “not eating”!) which can be difficult when you have no appetite and it’s so hot! but I would say: ditch the antidepressants (addictive as well) and go for the HRT. I am aware of the risks re. HRT and cancer but I still think the benefits definitely outweigh the risks.
    Good luck and I hope you feel better soon and more in control of your life/moods/health etc…