Still Waiting for My Op – Anna’s Story

I have struggled with Adenomnyosis and Endometriosis (hope those spellings are right) for a very long time. Heavy bleeding, flooding, discomfort, lots of pain and a massive belly for so long. Part of the reason for bearing with the pain all this long was the hope that I would conceive. I have been married 12 years now and he has finally filled for divorce so he can move on with his life and father a child hopefully. I have tried everything from tablets, Mirena coil, I was aware of the hysterectomy option but I had been so scared to make that decision.

Now the dynamics of my life have changed, all I can think of is having my sick uterus taken out. I am feeling so gutted yet at the same time hopeful that I will be relieved of all this pain. I am arming myself with knowledge from books I bought on this site and reading other ladies stories. I still cry every day for the loss of my relationship however the chance of a new lease on life keeps me hopeful. I am on the hospital waiting list to get this done. Still waiting for my op ladies but also being hopeful.

Update 27/07/14

Well last time I wrote I said I was waiting for the hospital to confirm my OP date, and now they have. It’s October the 13th. My GP started me on Zoladex injections that’s meant to reduce or shrink in size the endometriosis and stop my periods. So I have stopped taking the Norethisterone tablets which had really helped to control excessive bleeding. I am apprehensive yes, but I have read all the books I bought on this site. Its going to be a total hysterectomy ! I am working on my emotions; it aint easy thinking about it — but I have come to believe that having a womb may be the most feminine feel however it does not define me as a woman. That’s a pretty hard statement for me to make but I gotta start thinking outside the box. Thank goodness for this site where I can express myself without feeling that I am being judged. Thanks all for reading.


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  1. Hi Anna

    I was just reading your blog. I am sorry for the loss of your relationship. Two years ago I had both those conditions and the pain every 3 weeks was dreadful and wore me out. I had a total hysterectomy by keyhole surgery 2 years ago and I have not looked back. Life without periods and all that pain is just amazing, Here’s hoping you are on your way to a painfree life soon!

  2. Hi Anna,
    Your life seems to have been a struggle for a long time now. The loss of a relationship is massive and you must mourn for that, but, as you say, now it’s time for you to start again and find your way to a happy, pain free, stress free life. I struggled with heavy bleeding for many years but didn’t want to think of doing any thing about it. Hospitals frighten me! Also, as I passed 50 I thought it would all naturally pass as I reached the menopause – how naïve of me! Finally, I had to do something about it. I had huge fibroids and a hysterectomy seemed the best solution. I was petrified of the operation, even though all the staff were lovely. That was 3 years ago and I can now say, with great certainty, I wish I had done it sooner. The sense of freedom – not carrying bags of pads everywhere with me and not always wondering if I would make a ‘mess’ – is wonderful. Follow the all the advice you are given, take it very slowly post op. Accept all the help you are offered. Take care of you, before and after the op. Look to your future and what you want and need. I wish you all the best with you op and in your life.

  3. Hi Hon,So sorry you’ve had a lot of physical and emotional pain.My message to you would be,you can’t do anything about the past,and by the sound of it you have tried,but you can look to the future of you’re life,and we all know how short that is.Get sorted with the op,I’ve never looked back, then when you feel well you’ll radiate health and confidence,and that will put you in a positive frame of mind,and you’ll see there are so many opportunities to be happy.
    .That guy saw you as a breeding machine ,not as a complete woman ,so good riddens to him,find someone who loves you as you are and not what they want you to be.Good luck Hon,and make sure you list all you’re questions,worries etc down when you get you’re appointment,with the surgeon.


  4. Hi Anna,
    I am so sorry to hear of all you’ve been through. I suffered for 3 years with heavy bleeding. I tried the Merina coil but that was dislodged into my cervix because they found i had large fibroids. I was prescribed the Norethisterone pill to completely stop all bleeding but i knew the only way to resolve my problems was to have a hysterectomy. I put on 2 stone in weight. I tried alternative remedies in the hope it would help, but to no avail. After 6 months of several visits to my gyno and internet research including this wonderful site i took the plunge and agreed to it. I was petrified at the whole thought but had no choice but to have it done. I am now 15 weeks post op. I kept my ovaries and my cervix and i must reassure you that i really wished i hadn’t got so stressed about it in the first place. I followed doctor’s orders and did very little for the first 4 weeks and gradually increased activity ie walking and i have now lost the weight and feel like i used to be. Please try to think positive about it as that will help no end. i wish you all the best.