Severe Headache After Hysterectomy – Sharon’s Story

I had a total hysterectomy in December 2012, everything went well and I was discharged on three days later. However six days after this I was shopping in the supermarket when I was suddenly struck with a blinding headache.

It started on the left side of my head and within minutes it had traveled across my whole forehead. I was sick, the pain was unbearable, I had never experienced anything like it.

I took two paracetamol and went to bed in a dark room to sleep it off, after two hours the pain was still ferocious and I was crying and being sick. My husband telephoned the hospital and they admitted me.

I had to have an injection to rid me of the pain. I was in hospital for a further two days still suffering the headache and my only relief was to lie completely flat and not move at all. I had two CT scans and a lumbar puncture which showed nothing.

I was discharged again and whilst I was in the discharge lounge still feeling extremely poorly I felt sick and collapsed unconscious in the toilet cubicle. I was re-admitted again I continued to suffer these extreme headaches. The following day had a complete blackout . I have seen ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctors, a neurologist and a cardiologist but they are all baffled.

Two weeks on I have had a few slight headaches, but nothing major. As a result of a 24 hour ECG (electrocardiogram) I have been referred to the cardiology department for a tilt test and an echo cardiogram.

Whilst in hospital I asked if it could have occurred due to hormonal imbalance after the hysterectomy but they all said they don’t know. I would like to know if anybody else has had a similar experience.


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  1. My total hysterectomy was done 4 days ago. The migraine”s started 2 days ago, after eating sweets/desserts. I took 2 Tylenol 325mg and 1 morning 800mg. After 3 hours…I’m feeling better However, I did eat some fruit and minestrone soup.

  2. I to have had extensive migraines in past for many years take a preventive for them, that has helped. I had a total hysterectomy on December 20th of 2016 and now I’m experiencing intense migraines again, blurry vision, vomiting, needing to be still, in a quiet place needing something for them anyone recommend something? I phoned they have only said for me that they will give for nausea.

  3. Had total hystetectomy on 12/14/16. Awoke with poor near vision. Eyes felt bruised and very sore. About 4 days later nausea patch was removed from behind my ear and i’ve been suffering from dizziness, lightheadedness, sometimes vertigo with spinning, extreme light sensitivity, stabbing head pains, and vision problems.
    I am 3weeks 3 days post op. Can’t drive, read ,text or gets severe.
    Hoping for answers soon. Good luck to hyster-sisters. : )

    Thought i might have been allergic to anesthesia or antibiotics, but most likely due to head down position during surgery. (My face was swollen for 3 days afterwards.)
    I’ve been told to put drops in my eyes, take exedrin, check for ear infection, etc. Finally getting referred to ENT & neurologist.
    Prescribed meclizine but dont dare to take…yet

  4. I had my full hysterectomy on 12-2-2016, I have had full blown migraines in the past maybe one or two a year since I have been 21. Now I have gotten three full blown migraines. Seems about once a week so far. Has anybody found something natural to help??

  5. Hello,
    My wife had to have her Fallopian tube removed due to a eptopic pregancacy, she was then advised to have a essure contraception device fitted, after a year severe side effects it was decided it should be removed, they took the other tube out, since the procedure she suffers severe headaches on her monthly cycle, after seeing countless neurologist, gynaecologist they are baffled and all state that the headaches have nothing to do with the surgery, yet she didn’t suffer from headaches before hand. We are now at the end of the road with no answers as to why.

  6. Am 16 days p.o was in er last night for severe migraines…been on so many meds and nothing really working. Ugh

  7. I am dealing with this issue now was given migraine medication but it is not helping it has been 3 weeks after my surgery and I am having these headaches everyday all day nothing seems to alleviate these headaches

  8. I just had a full hysterectomy on sept 19,2016 and I am now having major hot flashes, night sweats so bad that I woke up last night like I was sleeping in a puddle of water. Now I have a extremely painful migraine headache. Everyone says that one I get through the rough transition it will get better, I pray it does soon. Although I go back to the doctor in a month to talk about hormone therapy.

  9. I am also 6 Days post op with pretty bad headaches. for those of you who were contacting your Dr what advice did they give u x

  10. I had a total hysterectomy with ovaries removed in the 7th September. I have suffered terribly with sinus problems since my op and bad headaches, migraines and some blurred vision, I am now on antibiotics because I have an infection. I had been hoping that I would be feeling a bit better by now. Great to be able to read everyone else comments and experiences.

  11. Fellow HysterSisters – I have had the same exact experience as Erica.
    I had a robotic assisted laparoscopic hysterectomy (leaving my right ovary intact; had a large cyst on my left ovary and a major menstrual bleeding issue that caused severe enough blood loss that resulted in a blood transfusion) 6 days ago. The first 4 days post-op I had the expected soreness in my abdominal section and on day 5 I started to have headaches that are similar to the feeling you get when you have slept too much. I have not been sleeping any more or less than I had prior to my surgery but now feel like my head is in a constant fog. Sometimes lightheaded, sometimes my head feels like its 12 lbs. I do have a history of migraines and only take fiorcet when needed and had to actually take that twice for relief.
    I’ve taken it easy, not lifting anything heavier than my blanket or a notebook. Hoping that the headache issue resolves itself soon – I am not a fan of pain meds (only took the Advil and Tylenol after I left the hospital the day after the surgery). Will be calling my doctor and making sure that this is part of the recovery process.

  12. Im the same 2 weeks ago I had full hysterectomy and ovaries removed on hrt oestrogen only was feeling ok then last 2 says severe migraine and a urine infection too.. used to get migraines but this is worse as wont go even after sleep food drinking fluids tablets etc .. fed up x

  13. I had my laproscopic hysterectomy 15 days ago. I felt absolutely GREAT the first 4 days post-op. No pain or discomfort to talk about. On day 5 , I felt there was a change. Starting to feel exstremely tired, with headaches. The headaches feels, like they are starting at the back of my neck, going into the back of my skull. Its also is going along with a hot flush.
    At first the Advil was helping, but now its seems, that its not helping anymore. I am not crazy about the idea, of taking painkillers all the time. I am trying to be more restfull, but the headaches comes on, even at night, while resting. I am glad to read, that there is other woman, also suffering from this. I guess we have to be patient, and see if the hormones, settled after the operation. My doctor started me on estrogel to rub on every day, as a light hormone replacement. Hopefully that will help after a week or two.

  14. Hi I had a full hysterectomy 10 days ago and started with headaches yesterday, the pain all of a sudden hits me and I feel so dizzy, I’m trying to keep off my painkillers but think I might need something for my head, glad to know I’m not alone in this and I feel sorry for you other ladies, xx

  15. This is me exactly. 6 days post op yesterday and I am so nauseous with a pounding headache on the left side that goes all the way down my neck. I will be calling the dr tomorrow. I feel dizzy and light headed at times and I know I haven’t over done anything because I haven’t done much other than put dishes in the dishwasher and clothes in the washing machine. I will update if my doctor gives any useful advice.

  16. I had my hysterectomy 8-12-16 and a couple days after discharged until now I have been having very serve re headaches. I too only get relief in a dark room and sleeping it off. Its as if someone has been stabbing me in the skull. I went to my doctor and she took me off the Percocet and put me on a Tylenol with caffeine and keep me on 800 mortin. Everything else is fine physically but I’m still having the headaches and it calls me to be very dizzy and can’t see sometimes. I’m wondering too if it’s in hormone imbalance.

  17. OMG…i just had my full Hysterectomy 8-1-16. I have stayed on my meds (Narco 10 & Motrin 800) up until Monday…My head started killn so i slept it Off allday yesterday still woke up with it pounding!!! I was almost in tears last night but i ended up falling asleep…woke this morning & its so hard to move :'( my head is killing me!!!! I have a VERY HIGH tolerance for pain…i have 8 vaginal births with NO DRUGS!!! THIS SHIT HERE IS NO JOKE!!!

  18. I had my hysterectomy 9 years ago and have been suffering from horrible neck/head pain ever scene. Do you know we are tipped up during the surgery and all our weight is on our head. My surgery was 6 hours & my head hurt just as bad as my stomach post op.

  19. I had my hysterectomy last year and my headache just started and I’m on medication but it’s seem to not be working. What can I do.

  20. I had my Full hysterectomy 20 days ago…I have been experiencing a horrible headache in the forehead region for a few days now and today all of a sudden I got flushed and felt like I was going to pass out. Figured I just had done to much..went to a club lobster dinner. I feel like my whole insides are messed up too.. my bathroom habits are painful..Calling dr tomorrow

  21. Total hyst with both ovarirs removed late June and the headacjes and sinus issues are like nothing i have experienced before. Sometomes i wake up with the headache and it progressively gets worse thriugh hr day but mostly they come on in the afternoon and worsen. I have the stiff neck and headaches plus earaches and sinus problems that have not responded to antibiotics.
    Wondering if hormone related or surgery related.

  22. I am 4 days post op and also have a really grainy headache a bit like I used to get with the severe PMT. I have had my ovaries removed too. I’m slowly feeling better having been turfed out of hospital after 24 hours but the trapped wind in my abdomen has been so uncomfortable and now headache but I’m sure in time, still glad to haverid myself of the dreaded monthlys x

  23. I just had a total hysterectomy on July 21, 2016 and I started with this problem yesterday. Glad to know I’m not alone. My Dr will be seeing me tomorrow.

  24. I am 30yoa I had a full hysterectomy on June 23rd due to endometriosis and cyst development on ovaries and I am having the same symptoms horrible headaches which I thought was my sinuses prior to reading this but Monday I will be calling my doctors office. I also have severe nausea when the headaches occur mainly towards late afternoon is when this happens to me.

  25. I had my ovaries and fallopian tubes out 3 weeks ago due to carrying the gene mutatation BRCA1 and for the past 8 days have been getting severe pain from the back of my neck up to my forehead, paracetamol slightly eases it but it never seems to go away, very worrying but am just thinking probably one of the side effects of having this surgery, will check it out with my doctor tommorrow.

  26. I am 7 days post op now and am getting headaches everyday for the last 4 days. I still have my ovaries but I have read in other articles that I may not be producing hormones. When they headache hits so does the dizziness. Advil does take away my headache but look out when it wears off. I am checking with my doctor tomorrow to see just whatnots going on

  27. My daughter is experiencing what I just read. Please reach out to me & I let her know. This is truly a blessing!

  28. I had a hysterectomy in April. I kept my ovaries but am having headaches. I’m glad to know others have similar symptoms. It seems like only those with complete hysterectomies have this though. I have high blood pressure as an existing problem and worried that it was because of that. But every time they check it it’s good.

  29. I am so happy also to know I am not alone. Removed uterus and one ovary its been a total nightmare ever since. I am now 11monthes post op. First yeast infection almost every month which I never had before op, then bp constantly high even though I am on meds and now rrequent headaches and I mean daily I need help. Please God I need my body back.

  30. I had tah and oophorectomy November 2015 I was left with complete urine retention from detruser failure I also am on estradol but continue to suffer daily with feeling sick and blinding headaches above my eyes

  31. Hi Everyone! I had a partial hysterectomy in Dec. 2014. I’ve been having daily headaches off and on since then. Sometimes, I feel a little dizzy.. It’s good to know I’m not alone in this.

  32. I am having the same issue. It’s nice to know it’s not just me. My hysterectomy was the end of March and the headaches started a few weeks after. And they have been constant every since. Until I found this site I was very nervous, so now I see that it is common but not mormal and that I am not the only one I can do more research on it to see what is going on and what causes this to happen

  33. I have poly cystic ovarian disease, and had to have a complete hysterectomy and oophorectomy…I had migraines before the surgery, but since on the hormones, the migraines are beyond unbearable. It’s due to the hormones…..that is the most common and known side effect is the HORRID migraines. Natural stuff didn’t work on me….but it may help some others here. I deal with hot flashes and everything else just so I don’t have to deal with the migraines.

  34. I had a total hysterectomy December 2015 a few days after the surgery I started with mild headache. The headaches increased each day, the headaches feels like pressure that doesn’t go away. Pain medication doesn’t help after 6 weeks of headaches and 4 doctors stating the headaches were not related to the total hysterectomy I was placed of Estriol patch. The headaches pretty much went away. Last week the headaches have increased and feel like they did right after my surgery. I have a headache almost constantly and the pressure is very intense -nothing relieves it. I have had no changes to cause them again I remain on the estriol patches. I don’t want to live like this- why is there no research on these symptoms? The physicians I go to state they have never had a patient have headache after a hysterectomy and I feel don’t believe me.

  35. I had a total hysterectomy on April 14, 2016. Today is May 16, 2016, 1 month out from surgery. I was doing great until a couple of weeks ago. I have consistently had a headache every day starting after 12 noon. I go to my oncologist for my 6 week post checkup and I will be asking her if it is because of the hysterectomy. GRRRR!!!!!!

  36. OMG thank god I found this site….. yes yes yes….I have had Migraines very bad as well.
    in Feb 2016 I had a hyster. and was put on the vivelle dot patch and estrace crème …everything was fine I jumped back to myself UNTIL April 5, 2016 I was in extreme pain , husband took me to the ER after a few test they found I have a blood clot in my right kidney… after 9 days in the hospital sever migraine, and on blood thinner they think 99 % is from the Vivelle dot and the crème …. I was off both of them when in hospital and had daily migraines …. was sent home still with migraines and NO ONE seems to hit it … I`m taking imitrex but cant take it daily …. looking for a natural estrogen I`m thinking I need that hormone since I have nothing left having a complete hyster…. anyone else … I need help, advice please

  37. I am 17 days post partial hysterectomy. My body has been doing so many different things. Headaches are among one of them. Not really bad ones just mild ones but today my eye sockets hurts along with it. Had I known some of the aftermaths. I would have kept the problems I had prior to the hysterectomy.

  38. I’m now 8 mos post-hysterectomy suffering with horrible headaches since December. They are progressively worse and I’m worried and so so frustrated. I have spent so much money trying to find what works to balance me out. Patches, estrogen pills, bioidenticals, antidepressants, nothing has seemed to help me. I’m worried it’s something else, but they didn’t start until my surgery daily. I had migraines in the past, but not daily like this and for months. Help?!

  39. I had a partial hysterectomy about four months ago and been suffering headaches on and off. Really painful and blinding headaches sinus getting affected as well as nausea blurry vision at times. Comforting to know that I am not alone in this

  40. Excedrin Migraine is the ONLY medication that has helped with these types of headaches an pain. I had my total hysterectomy in December, since then I have experienced debilitating headaches on the right side of my head, the pain travels to my right ear and down the right side of my neck. The onset if pretty quick, and I feel like I look crazy because I am always walking around with my hand on my head and ear pushing on it a little because it relieves the pressure and the pulsing. But seriously, so far they only thing that I found that helps is Excedrin migraine. I thought it was a withdrawal symptom from the dilauded and the oxycodone, but I have not taken either in over a month and the pain is still persistent. Next stop….more medical bills to figure out exactly what is going on!!

  41. I had a full hysterectomy in Aug around Nov I had this sharp pain in my head . now everyday I have bad head aches fizzy nausa noise and lights triggers my head aches I thought I was going crazy I’m on a emotional ride I need help

  42. I had a vaginal hysterectomy a week ago. Everything went really good. But 3 days ago my neck started hurting and then the headache. They are so bad it hurts to move. If I stand I feel my head is gonna pop. And it don’t ever go away no matter what I do or take.

  43. At age 60 I had a hysterectomy and it has been one year since that surgery. I have NEVER had headaches at all in my life until I had the surgery. For a year I have had these headaches on and off, not once a migraine, but just all over headaches. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated. Since the surgery I have taken Estrogen (Premarin). Thank you!

  44. Well, well, well. It seems like it’s quite a fun club we all belong to. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy two weeks ago at Yale- New Haven. Incredible staff – no complaints. However this weekend I experienced EXACTLY what all of you are talking about. Suffered four days of vomiting and one continuous excruciating migraine (felt like a sinus infection from my forehead into my teeth, around my head and down my neck) before I had to go back in for fluids and meds. I had been given .005 estrogen patch twice a week after the surgery; I am 50 years old, only on the pill briefly in my life; only migraines suffered were in my teenage years. My complaint is, upon return to the hospital, the doctor pretends he doesn’t know what I’m talking about. Befuddled by this reaction. Must be the stress of the surgery, etc. Took me off the patch. Gave me Butalbital, which, OMG, is working beautifully thus far, because, as all of us poor souls know, you want to just stop the horrible pain. But also as all of us know, these drugs don’t work forever. So I am so grateful at 2:35 in the morning, to read all of your brave posts, because now I know that if this continues I can try Botox and acupuncture, and in addition I am going to call the doctor today and give him a piece of my mind – perhaps the piece in the most pain so he can experience this for himself – before referring him to this forum for the sake of his continued education. It would be to the benefit of both hospital and patient to anticipate this possibility and be ready to treat it, rather than all of us heading for scans, more tests, and more unnecessary procedures. I thank all of you for helping me during one of the scariest, most painful times in my life. May all of us find pain-free peace and some lasting answers.

  45. I had a partial hysterectomy on July 30. About 3 weeks ago I started to experience pain in the left side of my head that I’ve never had before. It feels like a knife is turning in my temple. Been back and forth to the Dr and er with little help. Tomorrow I see my gyn. Hopefully it is a hormone problem. My family is greatly being affected by this.

  46. 3 weeks ago i had a partial hysterectomy. Im 34 and starting last week i keep having headaches that travel all over my head if i go to sleep i might wake up with one or not. Light and noise makes it worse. I take Motrin but its not helping. Someone please tell me is it hormones.

  47. I had a total hysterectomy 4 weeks ago and now in the 5th week I experienced two severe headaches with also a lot of pain in the back of my neck, and being very nausea and vomiting, following cramping. I also get dizzy. Don’t know wheter I should go immediatly to the hospital or wait for Monday to go to the doctor.

  48. I had a radical hysterectomy about a month ago at 30 years old and i am now getting horrible headaches. The one i currently have has been hanging around for 6 days now. I take a daily dose of estradiol. I aslo get dizzy and nauseous. Are these just side affects from the hysterectomy?

  49. Hello,

    I had a robotic hysterectomy 3 days ago. I still have my ovaries. I started getting my migraine yesterday afternoon. I am a migraine sufferer and am used to them.

    This was unlike anything I have experienced before. The pain was unbearable. The pounding and double vision and vomitting … etc….

    It’s the weekend, so I hope to be able to speak to my doctor on Monday.

    Has anyone had any success with getting rid of these types of migraines or preventing them?

  50. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy on June 12th, the last few days I’ve been able to move around a little better, however I’ve started with this awful headache, doesn’t matter what I do it’s always there. I also gad Breast Cancer in 2008 and my cancer was oestrogen positive so after having other problems endermetriosis and adenymyisis this was the only option. I can’t have any hormone therapy, I gad my ovaries removed a long time ago so wouldn’t have thought my body would notice a hormone in-balance after just my womb and cervix being taken? But I do hope this goes. I am waiting results from gp as to whether I have a urine infection?

  51. I can’t give you that sort of information as it will depend on your daughter and her unique physiology.

  52. My daughter had a hysterectomy about 6 weeks ago….she is having all these symptoms for a week now. Took her today for IV fluids. How long does this last? How often do these occurrence happen? She also was recently treated for BC and waiting to start radiation.

  53. Ultimately, it’s up to you but there could be a link between your periods and your migraines. It’s worth doing the test to see if it helps, if it does then you’ll have various options available to you from surgery right through to changing your lifestyle and diet to moderate the hormonal imbalance.

  54. Hi I am 37 and have been a chronic migraine sufferer but thanks to Botox they have reduced massively and they don’t last long when I get them. My problem is painful periods which last up to 10 days I have the coil to reduce bleeding. I saw the consultant this week who wants me to try an injection each month for 3 months zoladex plus an hrt patch, to see if my migraines are linked to my monthlys. I haven’t read many positive posts and I scared if I do this and my migraines get worse I may lose my jobplus not feel better? Plus if I have my eggs removed I may end up worse. Do I plod on with what I have or try it? Scared, worried and not in control…

  55. How are your headaches now? My wife is experiencing the same thing. Hysterectomy two weeks ago

  56. I had a partial laproscopic hysterectomy that was uneventful. My recovery was going well until I experienced the worst headache in my life at the base of my skull. It is known as a “thunderclap” headache and was unlike any migraine I had ever experienced. I described the pain as worse than childbirth when I arrived at the ER. I was given a CT Scan of my head to check for aneurism and an abdominal CT to check for post-op surgergical complications. Both were negative. When I was in the grips of this excruciating pain my blood pressure soared to 165/126. The ER Doctor recommended in receive a spinal puncture if the pain continued after discharge from the ER.
    I was given an anti-anxiety drug which dropped my BP and mitigated the pain somewhat from a 15 to a 9 on the 10 point scale. I experienced the “thunderclap headache” the next morning after trying a bowel movement, which dropped me to my knees. I had to be transported by ambulance back to the ER. I was examined by a neurologist but a spinal puncture was not performed until the following day at a different hospital. The results of the spinal “tap” indicated I had excess fluid in my spine that was causing the unbearable pain at the base of my skull which seemed to “pulse” with my hearbeat. The diagnosis I received was Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (Pseudotumor Cerebri). This condition may be treated with meds and/or periodic removal of the excess spinal fluid. The days of not knowing what was happening to me, being treated for “migraine” headaches, and not being taken seriously was brutally frustrating. Now I have a course of treatment to follow. Caution: this condition can affect your vision so you must have your “pressures” checked by an opthamologist to avoid permant vision damage.

  57. I had my full hysterectomy 2013 at the age of 49 one week after I started with severe headaches which continued for six weeks. I stared HRT which actually helped until May 2014 when they started up again. I have had a helmet headache ever since and nothing really helps it. I have had a sinus operation just last month but still have full head headache. Some days its only 1 out of 10 bust most days its 6 or 7.

    I have MRI, CT blood tests and chest Xray but they have not found a reason. I have tried medication but nothing helps. I have tried stopping HRT but as yet not positively impacted.

    Anyone else had anything like this?

  58. I had a hysterectomy 8 days ago and have been suffering from headaches daily since surgery and can barely eat. I’ve been taking Tylenol, Advil amd my hydromorphone as prescribed by my doctor when I left the hospital. I’m not sure what do as its been 8 days of suffering and I drink a lot of water and my output of urine is a lot and the only reason i know this is I’m stuck with a catheter still and get it removed tomorrow. Have no clue what to do this pain is horrible.

  59. Hi All,

    There is a link to the drop of estrogen and migraines. Oral hormone replacement can make them worse. They are suggesting using low levels of estrogen, bio-identical estrogen cream, to keep the estrogen level and not crashing so badly. This will also help with all the post-hysterectomy symptoms. After my hysterectomy in 2007 (at 45 yrs old) I struggled with hormone replacement. I lived on Maui, Hawaii, and there was not a hormone replacement expert on island. Since then I have seen the best of the best hormone replacement doctors from LA to New York and found some relief but still was not right feeling right. Male doctors tend to prescribe too much testosterone for women because they have a preconception that women need a lot of testosterone for increased libido! This is not the case due to our liver’s inability to process too much testosterone. I finally found a hormone expert here in Tempe, Arizona, USA, and my hormones are now balanced using bio-identical pellets (placed under the skin in my hip) for estrogen and testosterone. I also take a sublingual (under the tongue) troche for my DHEA and pregnegalone (the major precursors to our hormone pathways). I take a micronized, bio-identical progesterone capsule at night to help with anxiety attacks and sleep. I had to use a estriol suppository for the vaginal pain and dryness. Since my hormones are now balanced I do not need that anymore. I hope you all seek out a bio-identical hormone doctor in your area and find relief from your migraines soon! Good luck!

  60. I had my hysterectomy in January 2012, i was 28 years old. I was released from the hospital 2 days after the surgery. A week after the hysterectomy my father walked into the house and thought that i was having a stroke. Due to the symptoms, i was having trouble speaking, my right side was completely numb, and then my head began to feel like an axe was splitting it in half. He rushed me to the ER, where they took my BP and it was 74/35. They run CT scans and found no signs of a stroke. It was a migraine. I’ve been having them ever since. An MRI and an MRA both showed nothing. My Dr. tried birth control thinking it was hormonal. But those just made them worse. It’s been 2 1/2 years and still no answers.

  61. I had a full hysterectomy at 32 last December 2013, was placed on premarin hrt tablets, to make matters worse i’m already a suffer of migraines but recently in the past months they have been coming in clusters even worse when it’s supposed to be time of month, but i have no way of controlling it, it’s bringing a bout of paranoia with it too, not right really, feel bad for my partner…. I am taking pills at night for pain but still i am still feeling worse than before, i am not eating much otherwise i want to be sick and it makes me want to pass out completely, i can sleep up to 5 hours if it takes affect on me. I can’t live a normal life since hysterectomy after a botch up sterilisation caused my fallopian tubes to form a mass and explode on me, it was painful, its not something i will be experiencing again

  62. Ever since I had the Laparoscopy (never removed the ovaries) I suffer monthly for 2-3 days with severe headaches. I don’t know what to do anymore all I do is take strong pain killers and sleep. Should i remove the ovaries rather

  63. I am currently going through the same thing. I had a total hysterectomy on May 29th its day 5. Headaches started on day 3. Im miserable. Beyond miserable. Sometimes I can eat a few bites of food and other time’s all I can eat is ice. I drink a lot of water. I can barely walk to the restroom. Hard to take light in and I walk with my head down. They didn’t put me on hormones yet because the doctor said to wait 6 weeks because of my endometriosis I had. I wouldn’t ever recommend this to anyone.

  64. About a week after my hysterectomy I developed a severe headache that lasted five days. I was checked out for several possible causes but nothing definite was found. After taking to the internet I saw comments about dehydration causing headaches. I figured water is cheap and it won’t hurt me. I forced myself to drink about a quart of water and felt better within hours. Although I had been drinking more fluids than usual, I was also perspiring a lot and was eating less.

  65. I just recently had a total hysterectomy Jan 10 everything was going great until I tried some hormone replacement. I never get headaches this one makes me dizzy. I tried stopping the hormone replacement medications and still won’t go away I go see a neurologist soon and if they don’t find something I won’t know what to do. It feels like pressure started left side above my ear but has gone to right side and top of my head. I don’t know what to do.

  66. I had severe headache for four days following my total hysterectomy. The pain was worse than the surgery. I just hoped and prayed for relief.I took a lot of naproxen and fiorinal nothing worked.I was also on dilaudid . It wasn’t till the fifth day I felt relief thank god. Now im just dealing with the constipation from the meds. So take stool softeners. You will eventually get some relief. It feels like it will never happen but you will feel better.

  67. Hi,
    I too had a partial hysterectomy in 2010 for uterine fibroids leaving my ovaries intact. I started suffering from frequent episodes of head aches since then. I have had my MRI and other blood tests done and have gone to many neurologists and MD, but to no avail. I believe it has got to do something with my hormones. These headaches lasts for about 3-4 days , and are back in another 10-12 days. Now the painkillers too have become ineffective, so Currently im trying acupunture as an alternate therapy.

  68. Oh no!!! I NEVER get headaches. I’m 38 & just had a partial removing uterus and part of each tube 1 month ago. However I’m experiencing horrible headaches the last week! This would also be my period time. I know they say I’m ok with ovaries but I’m telling you my head is going to explode and I never had headaches. Maybe two in my lifetime now 6 in 7 days…. Good luck everyone!

  69. Dear Samgah,

    I assume you are fasting because it is Ramadan. You are not to fast if you are ill or recovering from surgery! The Quran makes this clear. I have been living in Turkey for 27 years and while I am not Muslim I have many dear friends who are. Three weeks after major surgery like a hysterectomy is not enough time to be considered physically and spiritually fit to carry out the religious requirements of this month. You need a constant intake of nutrients and liquids around the clock, and proper sleep. There are rules for fasting while sick for a reason 🙂 My very best wishes to you during this blessed month.

  70. Hi Sharon, I had a vaginal hysterectomy 3 weeks ago. Everything went fine but after the operation I had severe back pain and the could not stay in bed after I was discharge. A week ago I got this headache out of the blue. I thought it’s because I’m fasting. I took some pain killers but the headache just don’t wanna go away. I go to sleep with it and got up with it. I went to GP and she tested my urine and said that I had a severe bladder infection that spread to my kidneys. I am on antibiotics but still the headaches is so so severe. It feels like my head and ears are going to burst. I also think it could be hormones because this is the time when I normally get my period. A week after the operation when I went for a check to my suprise a cyst of 2cm in my left ovary. Got rid of fibriods in womb but cyst is back. Did anyone experience the same???

  71. Hi Sharon,
    I feel your pain! I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. After surgery, as part of my hormone therapy, I was to take Arimidex. For this medication to work, I had to be post menopausal so because I hadn’t gone through menopause, I started having Zoladex implants once per month to shut down my ovaries. In other words, to trick my ovaries into thinking I was past the menopause. Then it all started, excruciating headaches, nausea and vomiting lasting for days on end. My GP and oncologist didn’t know why this was happening. I was told to take Panadeine which is a strong pain medication. Whenever I took it, the codeine content would make me vomit. After one year of popping aspirin and paracetamol which wouldn’t even take the edge off, I switched oncologist. After telling her my history with the headaches, she said “I’m not surprised – you have no estrogen in your body – this is why you’re having headaches”.Alleluia!! She immediately switched me to Tamoxifen which can be taken pre-menopause and the headaches disappeared overnight!! Now my gynecologist oncologist wants me to have a hysterectomy with ovary removal and I’m terrified that the headaches will return. Taking hormones is out of the question with my breast cancer history. I don’t know what I should do. Hope your headaches subside, let us know.

  72. My story is very similar. . .at 43 I had a total hysterectomy, up until that time I had no history of headaches or migraines. Within a very short time after the surgery I began to experience blinding headaches, often ending up in the emergency room vomiting and unable to function. For years I suffered; continuingly attempting to find anything that would help with this debiliating situation. Most md’s I consulted seemed to think my headaches should have diminished with surgery. . .I tried to explain to them that’s when they started. Finally, I looked into bio identical hormone replacement. I having been using the pellet method which gives a continuous amount of hormones. I now have very few headaches. I believe only the skin insertion or pellet methods works because of the constant and steady supply of hormones in the body. I would look into bio identical hormones pellets if anyone is experiencing migraines after a hysterectomy. I suffered far to many years before finding a solution. . Bella

  73. Sharon, In response to your posting. I have always had migraines but after a year after my hysterectomy I have had a few really bad bouts, where my husband has had to take me into the A & E departments of our local hospital for a triptan injection for migraines as I was too sickly to take my normal tablets, and the migraine was lasting for several days – I now always have pre filled injection pen in stock so I can medicate myself – I do beleive that the migraines were extreme following the op and that hormone imbalances play a big part in the matter. Maybe get your GP to run a blood test on your hormone levels – it is usually stated that your ovaries (if left in place) will start to fail after an hysterectomy so levels will drop off sharply? Hope this helps? – My Migaines have calmed down now – so hopefully the symptoms are short lived.

  74. I have suffered migraines since I was 13/14 and always suffered I believe it’s my hormones I have kept diarys and have seen my consultant who has now recommended a course of injections before I have my ovaries removed I am worried the injections may make my migraine worse I have had a hysterectomy 2 yrs ago and that sorted 1 problem it was the best thing ive ever had done.

  75. hi their this is very worring, im 37 with endometriesis and due a total hysterectomy fri 15 feb,
    now they gave me a prostrap 3 injection in november to stop bleeding which has not worked but ive been having really bad head aches starting on the left side and ive collapsed twice having two seizure like episodes ending up in ambulance, so im looking for answers too,
    i think it is something to do with hormone imbalance ?????